Ilaiyaraaja Biography 2024, Personal Life, Net Worth, Education, Family & Career

Ilaiyaraaja, a legendary music composer in the Indian film industry, has captured the hearts of millions with his soul-stirring melodies. His biography delves into his personal life, showcasing the man behind the music that has stood the test of time. With a net worth reflecting his immense talent and hard work, Ilaiyaraaja’s education and family have played pivotal roles in shaping his illustrious career. From humble beginnings to achieving iconic status in the world of music, his journey is nothing short of inspiring. Get ready to explore the life and career of this musical genius whose compositions continue to resonate with audiences worldwide.

Ilaiyaraaja Biography 2024

Ilaiyaraaja, a prominent figure in Indian cinema, is renowned for his multifaceted talents as a musician, composer, arranger, conductor, orchestrator, multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, and singer. His contributions to the music industry have primarily been in Tamil and Telugu films, where he has left an indelible mark. Ilaiyaraaja’s ability to effortlessly blend various musical elements and create soul-stirring compositions has earned him widespread acclaim and a dedicated fan following. His work not only entertains but also resonates deeply with the audience, making him a legendary figure in the realm of Indian cinema.

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Ilaiyaraaja Net Worth

Ilaiyaraaja, the legendary Indian music composer, is estimated to have a net worth of around 24 million dollars. His immense contribution to the world of music through his exceptional compositions for films and albums has rightfully earned him both critical acclaim and financial success. With a career spanning decades and an extensive body of work that has touched the hearts of millions, Ilaiyaraaja’s net worth reflects not only his talent but also the profound impact he has had on the music industry.

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Personal Life & Family

Ilaiyaraaja, a renowned figure in the Indian music industry, was married to Jeeva, with whom he had three children—Karthik Raja, Bhavatharini, and Yuvan Shankar Raja. Interestingly, all three of his children followed in his footsteps and are accomplished film composers and singers in their own right. Unfortunately, the family faced a tragedy when Ilaiyaraaja’s wife Jeeva passed away on 31 October 2011. Despite the loss, the musical legacy of the family continues to thrive through the talents and contributions of Ilaiyaraaja and his children in the world of Indian cinema and music.


He commenced music training at an early age under the guidance of Master Dhanraj. He obtained a degree in Western classical music from Trinity College of Music. In 1968, he pursued a music course with Master Dhanraj in Chennai. He achieved a gold medal in classical guitar from Trinity College of Music.


In addition to his remarkable career as one of the most prolific composers, spanning over forty-seven years, he has composed an impressive catalog of over 7,000 songs. Not only did he excel in composing songs, but he also contributed significantly to film scores, showcasing his versatility and talent across different musical genres. His ability to create such a vast amount of music demonstrates his exceptional creativity and dedication to his craft. This extensive body of work has left a lasting impact on the music industry and has solidified his reputation as a legendary figure in the world of music.


Ilaiyaraaja has received five National Film Awards, three for Best Music Direction and two for Best Background Score. He was honored with the Padma Bhushan in 2010, which is the third-highest civilian award in India, and the Padma Vibhushan in 2018, the second-highest civilian award bestowed by the Indian government.


Ilaiyaraaja’s legacy as a legendary music composer and his contributions to the Indian film industry are truly unmatched. Through his unparalleled talent and dedication, he has not only created timeless melodies but also inspired generations of musicians and music lovers. His remarkable journey, from humble beginnings to becoming a musical icon, serves as a testament to the power of passion and creativity. As we celebrate the life and achievements of Ilaiyaraaja, we are reminded of the profound impact that music can have on our lives. Let us continue to cherish his music and honor his enduring legacy for years to come.

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