Parshuram Jayanti 2024: Date, History, Rituals And Significance

Parshuram Jayanti, scheduled for May 10, 2024, is observed to honor Lord Parashuram’s birth, who is recognized as the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu. This day is of great religious importance as it aligns with Akshaya Tritiya and pays tribute to his quest to rid the world of corrupt rulers. Born on Tritiya Tithi during the Pradosh Kaal, Parshuram Ji’s primary objective in his incarnation was to eradicate immoral and oppressive monarchs and alleviate the earth’s suffering.

Parshuram Jayanti 2024

Parshuram Jayanti is a significant celebration in Hinduism, coinciding with Akshaya Tritiya. It commemorates the birth of Lord Parashuram, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, falling on the Tritiya Tithi of Shukla Paksha in the month of Vaishakha. This year, it will be observed on May 10, 2024.

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Parshuram Jayanti 2024: Date and Time

Tritiya Tithi Begins – May 10, 2024 – 04:17 AM

Tritiya Tithi Ends – May 11, 2024 – 02:50 AM

Parshuram Jayanti 2024: Significance

Parshuram Jayanti is of significant religious importance for Hindus, as it marks the birth anniversary of Lord Shri Parshuram, believed to be the sixth incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu. Born on Tritiya Tithi during Pradosh Kaal, his incarnation aimed to rid the earth of unrighteous rulers and lessen its burden, having eradicated Kshatriyas from the earth 21 times.

Lord Parshuram was a Brahmin with qualities of a Kshatriya. Legend has it that he once confronted Lord Ganesha. Revered as one of the Ashta Chiranjeevis, Parshuram is believed to reside somewhere in the mountains on earth. Hindu Scriptures state that he will mentor Lord Kalki, the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, imparting martial arts and knowledge. While not as widely worshipped as Lord Krishna and Lord Rama, Parshuram has temples in South India, including Udupi in Karnataka, and along the western coast of India.

Parshuram Jayanti 2024: History

Parshuram Jayanti commemorates the birth of Lord Parshuram, the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu, renowned for his strength, combat prowess, and wisdom. This occasion falls on the third day of the Shukla paksha in the Hindu month of Vaisakha, typically in April or May in the Gregorian calendar. According to ancient Indian mythology, Parshuram was born to eliminate sinful and threatening warriors for the betterment of peace. Revered as ‘Rama with an axe,’ he carried Lord Shiva’s axe and was a dutiful disciple. Parshuram’s unwavering devotion and respect towards his father highlight the significance of honoring parents. Hindus observe Parshuram Jayanti by observing fasts, offering prayers, and performing rituals to pay their respects.

When is Parshuram Jayanti 2024?

Parshuram Jayanti is celebrated on the third day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Vaishakha i.e., on May 10, 2024.

Is Parshuram still alive?

Lord Parshuram is one of the Ashta Chiranjeevi who is believed to be alive and dwelling on earth.

Parshuram Jayanti 2024: Celebrations Of The Birth Anniversary Of Bhagwan Parshuram 

  • Devotees usually observe a fast on the day of Parshuram Jayanti and offer worship to Lord Vishnu.
  • They take a bath before dawn, put on neat Puja clothes, and worship Lord Vishnu. In addition, they offer sweets, flowers, vermillion, basil leaves, and sandalwood to Shri Hari.
  • In addition, couples who are hoping for a boy might have their wish granted by fasting on this day.
  • Instead of eating grains or pulses, people eat fruits, juices, milk, or Satvik good to get through the day.

Parshuram Jayanti Quotes

  • “Following scriptures is righteousness, embracing anger is a sin.”
  • “Walking on the path of truth, righteousness, and duty is the path of victory.”
  • “Ego and pride are man’s greatest enemies, one should stay away from them.”
  • “Those who act rather than speak are the true warriors.”
  • “With time, we should change ourselves, as the definition of time is that which cannot change, perishes.”
  • “To eradicate unrighteousness, Lord Vishnu incarnates from time to time.”
  • “True saints are those who desire the welfare of others and ask for nothing for themselves.”
  • “The fruit of action always goes to the doer, so perform your duties without worrying about the results.”
  • “Power should reside within a person, not in their clothing or food.”
  • “Good company develops a person and their great thoughts.”

Parshuram Jayanti Wishes

1. Wishing you a blessed Parshuram Jayanti filled with divine blessings and spiritual growth. Happy Parshuram Jayanti 2024!

2. May the birth anniversary of Lord Parshuram inspire you to cultivate virtues like dedication, determination, and righteousness. Happy Parshuram Jayanti!

3. On this auspicious occasion of Parshuram Jayanti, may the blessings of Lord Parshuram be with you, guiding you on the path of righteousness.

4. May the divine power of Lord Parshuram grant you strength, wisdom, and success in all your endeavors. Happy Parshuram Jayanti 2024!

5. As we celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Parshuram, may his teachings of valour and justice inspire you to lead a purposeful and virtuous life. Happy Parshuram Jayanti!

6. May the divine presence of Lord Parshuram fill your life with peace, prosperity, and happiness. Wishing you a joyous Parshuram Jayanti 2024!

7. On this holy occasion of Parshuram Jayanti, may Lord Parshuram shower his choicest blessings upon you and your loved ones. Happy Parshuram Jayanti!

8. Let us celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Parshuram with gratitude and devotion, seeking his blessings for a harmonious and righteous world. Happy Parshuram Jayanti 2024!

9. May the divine axe of Lord Parshuram destroy all obstacles on your path and pave the way for success and fulfillment. Happy Parshuram Jayanti!

10. On this auspicious day of Parshuram Jayanti, may you be blessed with the courage and strength to overcome challenges and achieve greatness. Happy Parshuram Jayanti 2024!

11. May the divine grace of Lord Parshuram bestow upon you peace, prosperity, and divine wisdom. Wishing you a blessed Parshuram Jayanti!

12. As we celebrate Parshuram Jayanti, let us embrace the teachings of Lord Parshuram and strive to make the world a better place. Happy Parshuram Jayanti 2024!

13. May the blessings of Lord Parshuram bring happiness, harmony, and success into your life. Wishing you a blissful Parshuram Jayanti!

14. On this special day, may Lord Parshuram’s presence in your life fill it with joy, love, and prosperity. Happy Parshuram Jayanti 2024!

15. As we celebrate Parshuram Jayanti, may Lord Parshuram’s divine light guide you towards truth, righteousness, and spiritual awakening. Happy Parshuram Jayanti!

Parshuram Jayanti wishes in Marathi

1. परशुराम जयंतीच्या तुम्हाला आशीर्वाद आणि आनंददायी शुभेच्छा! भगवान परशुरामांचे दैवी आशीर्वाद सदैव तुमच्या पाठीशी असू दे.

2. परशुराम जयंतीच्या या शुभ प्रसंगी, भगवान परशुराम तुम्हाला शक्ती, धैर्य आणि बुद्धी देवो.

3. भगवान परशुरामांच्या दैवी कृपेने तुमच्या जीवनात शांती, समृद्धी आणि आनंद येवो. परशुराम जयंतीच्या शुभेच्छा!

4. परशुराम जयंतीच्या पवित्र दिवशी, तुम्हाला तुमच्या सर्व प्रयत्नांमध्ये चांगले आरोग्य, यश आणि विपुलतेने आशीर्वाद मिळो.

5. परशुराम जयंतीच्या दिव्य प्रसंगी मनःपूर्वक शुभेच्छा. भगवान परशुरामांच्या आशीर्वादांचा वर्षाव तुमच्यावर आणि तुमच्या प्रियजनांवर होवो.

6. भगवान परशुरामांच्या शिकवणुकीमुळे तुम्हाला धार्मिकतेचे समर्थन करण्यासाठी, अन्यायाविरुद्ध लढण्यासाठी आणि सद्गुणांचे जीवन जगण्याची प्रेरणा मिळू शकेल. परशुराम जयंतीच्या शुभेच्छा!

7. या शुभ दिवशी, शक्ती आणि भक्तीचे अवतार असलेले भगवान परशुराम यांचे स्मरण आणि आशीर्वाद घेऊ या. परशुराम जयंतीच्या शुभेच्छा!

8. भगवान परशुरामाची दैवी कुर्हाड सर्व अडथळ्यांपासून तुमचे रक्षण करो आणि आव्हानांवर मात करण्यासाठी तुम्हाला सामर्थ्य दे. परशुराम जयंतीच्या शुभेच्छा!

9. दैवी आशीर्वाद आणि आध्यात्मिक ज्ञानाने भरलेल्या परशुराम जयंतीच्या तुम्हाला हार्दिक शुभेच्छा. तुम्हाला नीतिमत्तेच्या मार्गावर चालावे.

10. या विशेष दिवशी, भगवान परशुरामांच्या आशीर्वादाने तुमच्या जीवनात शांती आणि सुसंवाद येवो. परशुराम जयंतीच्या शुभेच्छा!

Parshuram Jayanti 2024: Images

Parshuram Jayanti

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