Akshaya Tritiya 2024: Date and Time, Shubh Muhurat, Significance, Celebration, Wishes, Quotes

Akshaya Tritiya, a Hindu festival observed on May 10, 2024, is a celebration of wealth and prosperity. The Puja Muhurat is scheduled from 05:13 AM to 11:43 AM. The timings of Labha and Amrit Choghadiya hold importance for this auspicious day. Akshaya Tritiya 2024: This festival is considered highly auspicious among Hindus, dedicated to worshipping the deities of wealth and prosperity. It is a day of special significance where people engage in various religious rituals. Akshaya Tritiya falls on the Tritiya Tithi of Shukla Paksha in the month of Vaishakha.

Akshaya Tritiya 2024 Date

The festival of Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej, will be celebrated on May 10, 2024. The auspicious puja muhurat for Akshaya Tritiya 2024 is from 5:33 am to 12:18 pm on May 10. The window for purchasing gold begins at 4:17 am on May 9 and extends until the end of Tritiya Tithi on May 11.

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Akshaya Tritiya 2024: Date and Time

This year, in 2024, Akshaya Tritiya is going to be celebrated on Friday, May 10th, with auspicious timings or puja muhurat starting from 05:33 AM to 12:18 PM and gold purchase timings from May 10. 5:33 AM onwards, till 2:50 AM of May 11.

Tithi and Shubh Muhurat

Date and Time

Tritiya Tithi Begins

May 10, 2024 – 04:17 AM

Tritiya Tithi Ends

May 11, 2024 – 02:50 AM

Akshaya Tritiya Puja Muhurat

May 10, 2024 – 05:13 AM to 11:43 AM

Labha Choghadiya

06:51 AM to 08:28 AM

Amrit Choghadiya

08:28 AM to 10:06

Shubha Choghadiya

11:43 AM to 01:21 PM

Labha Choghadiya

08:58 PM to 10:21 PM

Shubha Choghadiya

11:43 PM to 01:05 AM, May 11

Amrita Choghadiya

01:05 AM to 02:28 AM, May 11

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When is Akshaya Tritiya in 2024?

Akshaya Tritiya is considered a significant day by Hindus because it marks the birth of Lord Parasurama, the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu. While Hinduism observes numerous festivals, Akshaya Tritiya holds particular importance. This year, the auspicious occasion falls on Friday, May 10. In addition to honoring Lord Ganesha’s commencement of writing the Mahabharata, Hindus associate Akshaya Tritiya with this event. Legend has it that Lord Ganesha took three years to complete this task. Jains, on the other hand, view this day as the birth anniversary of Rishabhadeva, the primary spiritual figure. They believe that performing good deeds on Akshaya Tritiya leads to enduring happiness and prosperity.

Akshaya Tritiya 2024: Significance

Akshaya Tritiya holds significant religious importance for Hindus. It is widely regarded as a highly auspicious day for starting new endeavors and engaging in activities like purchasing gold, weddings, betrothals, employment, and new business ventures. ‘Akshaya’ translates to ‘never diminishing’, signifying that the advantages of performing prayers, rituals, donations, and acts of charity on this day remain eternal. Lord Vishnu, also known as the preserver in the Hindu Trinity, is responsible for overseeing Akshaya Tritiya Day. According to Hindu mythology, Akshaya Tritiya signifies the beginning of the Treta Yuga. Typically, both Akshaya Tritiya and Parashurama Jayanti, the celebration of the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, fall on the same day. However, depending on the commencement of Tritiya Tithi, Parashurama Jayanti might occur a day prior

Akshaya Tritya 2024: Puja Vidhi

Akshaya Tritiya is widely celebrated in India with enthusiasm. Individuals adorn their houses, make traditional sweets, and purchase gold and silver to commemorate the event. Visiting temples, conducting puja, and seeking blessings from deities are common practices. Acts of charity, like feeding the needy and contributing to noble causes, are also significant aspects of the festivities.

  1. Wake up early and take a bath. Wear clean clothes.
  2. Perform puja to Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, and Lord Kubera, the deity of wealth and prosperity.
  3. Offer prayers, light diyas, and make offerings of flowers, fruits, sweets, and other auspicious items.
  4. Perform Pitru Tarpan, an offering to one’s ancestors.
  5. Donate to charity and help the needy. Start new ventures, and investments, or purchase gold, as it is considered highly auspicious.
  6. Spend time with family, share a festive meal, and exchange gifts.

In general, Akshaya Tritiya is a period for commemorating abundance, riches, and fresh starts. Through observing the customary puja vidhi and participating in fortunate events, worshipers aim to receive the divine blessings of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, and Lord Kubera.

Akshaya Tritiya puja samagri

Prepare a sacred area for Akshaya Tritiya puja by laying a red or yellow cloth on a platform. Gather idols or images of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha, and Lord Kubera. Use holy water for cleaning and the bathing ritual, along with sandalwood paste, kumkum, and fresh flowers for decoration. Offer various items as bhog, including rice grains, betel leaves, durva grass, coconuts, betel nuts, fruits, and sweets. Set up incense sticks, camphor, and an oil lamp for aarti. Ensure you have puja utensils and prayer books for reciting specific prayers like Kanakadhara Stotram, Kubera Chalisa, Vishnu Namavali, Ganesh Chalisa, or others.

Akshaya Tritiya 2024 City-Wise Timings to Buy Gold and Silver

New Delhi – 5:33 am to 12:18 pm

Gurugram – 5:34 am to 12:18 pm

Mumbai – 6:06 am to 12:35 pm

Noida – 5:33 am to 12:17 pm

Pune – 6:03 am to 12:31 pm

Chennai – 05:45 am to 12:06 pm

Jaipur – 5:42 am to 12:23 pm

Hyderabad – 5:46 am to 12:13 pm

Chandigarh – 5:31 am to 12:20 pm

Kolkata – 4:59 am to 11:33 pm

Bengaluru – 5:56 am to 12:16 pm

Ahmedabad – 6:01 am to 12:36 pm

Akshaya Tritiya 2024 Shubh Muhurat

According to Drik Panchang, here’s the shubh muhurat for Akshaya Tritiya celebrations:

Akshaya Tritiya Puja Muhurat – 5:33 am to 12:18 pm on May 10.

Akshaya Tritiya Tithi Starts – 4:17 am on May 10

Akshaya Tritiya Tithi Ends – 2:50 am on May 11

Timing to buy gold on Akshaya Tritiya on May 10 – 4:17 am to 5:33 am

Timing to buy gold on Akshaya Tritiya on May 11 – 5:33 am to 2:50 am

Shubha Choghadiya – 11:43 am to 1:05 am on May 11

Amrita Choghadiya – 1:05 am to 2:28 am on May 11

Akshaya Tritiya Celebration

On Akshaya Tritiya, individuals partake in different activities to seek blessings and secure prosperity. They pray to God and assist the less fortunate through donations of food, clothing, and money. Additionally, many opt to invest in gold and other valuable assets such as real estate, vehicles, books, electronics, jewelry, and agricultural tools. This period is viewed as favorable for fresh starts and financial ventures, representing development and plenty.

Happy Akshaya Tritiya Wishes, Quotes And WhatsApp status

  • Wishing everyone luck and peace on this joyous occasion!
  • May the lord shower blessings on us all today!
  • May this Akshaya Tritiya fill your heart with hope for joyful times and dreams for a year full of smiles! Have a very Happy Akshaya Tritiya.
  • May abundance of wealth and enduring good health be yours forever. Warm greetings on Akshaya Tritiya.
  • May you thrive in both your personal and professional pursuits. Happy Akshaya Tritiya.
  • May this Akshaya Tritiya bring boundless joy, prosperity, and success to you and your loved ones. Happy Akshaya Tritiya!
  • On this blessed Akshaya Tritiya, may Lord Vishnu grant you health, wealth, and happiness. Happy Akshaya Tritiya!
  • May this Akshaya Tritiya mark the beginning of a fruitful and prosperous year for you. Happy Akshaya Tritiya!
  • May the divine blessings of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi be with you this Akshaya Tritiya. Happy Akshaya Tritiya!
  • May this Akshaya Tritiya bestow upon you endless wealth, prosperity, and success. Happy Akshaya Tritiya!
  • May this Akshaya Tritiya bring you all the happiness and prosperity you deserve. Happy Akshaya Tritiya!

How can you pray to Lord Vishnu on Akshaya Tritiya?

To please Lord Vishnu, one can observe fasting, chant Lord Vishnu mantras, rise early, bathe in the Ganges or its water, burn incense, present fruits, white roses, and white lotus flowers, and donate food and clothing to the less fortunate in His name.

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