Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2024, 2025, 2026 Date, Celebrations, History, Significance, Quotes, Wishes

Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2024 Maharana Pratap (1568-1597 C.E.) was a Hindu Rajput King of Mewar in Rajasthan, India. Maharana Pratap belonged to the Sisodiya clan of Rajputs. He is revered and worshipped by many royal families in Rajasthan for his bravery and courage. As per historical records, Maharana Pratap was born on May 9th, 1540 according to Julian calendar. Julian calendar is obsolete and it has been replaced by Gregorian calendar. According to Proleptic Gregorian calendar Maharana Pratap was born on May 19th 1540. However, the birth anniversary of Maharana Pratap is celebrated as per Hindu calendar. Either one follows Julian calendar or Gregorian calendar, the Hindu date of birth anniversary of Maharana Pratap falls on the same day. According to Hindu calendar it was Tritiya, Jyeshtha, Shukla Paksha, 1597 Vikram Samvat when Maharana Pratap was born.

Latest News: Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2024: Maharana Pratap is one of the greatest kings to have ruled the country. A symbol of valour, bravery and dedication, Maharana Pratap fought many battles for his kingdom and to save his people. Celebrated in the homes of Rajasthan, Maharana Pratap was a Hindu Rajput King of Mewar, Rajasthan. He belonged to the Sisodiya clan of Rajputs and is known as one of the revered kings to have ruled this country.

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Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2024

Maharana Pratap was born on May 9, 1540, in Pali District of Rajasthan, India. Maharana Pratap ascends to the throne of Mewar in February after a power tussle with his brothers. Maharana Pratap fought bravely against the Mughal emperor Akbar’s forces at the Battle of Haldighati but ultimately had to retreat.

Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2024, 2025, 2026

Maharana Pratap Jayanti celebrates this famed military hero from 16th century Rajasthan.







9 Jun


Maharana Pratap Jayanti



29 May


Maharana Pratap Jayanti



17 Jun


Maharana Pratap Jayanti


Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2024 Date

Maharana Pratap was born on May 9, 1540, according to the Julian calendar, but on May 19, 1540, according to the Gregorian calendar. Maharana Pratap Jayanti is now celebrated based on the Hindu calendar, with this year’s observance falling on June 9, as per Drik Panchang.

When is Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2024

The outdated Julian calendar indicates Maharana Pratap was born on May 9, 1540, but the Gregorian calendar, which replaced the Julian calendar, marks Maharana Pratap’s birth on May 19. Nowadays, the Hindu calendar is consulted to establish the date of Maharana Pratap Jayanti. According to Drik Panchang, Maharana Pratap Jayanti in 2024 is on June 9.

Maharana Pratap Jayanti History

Maharana Pratap Jayanti has a significant history marked by valor. To encapsulate the essence of Maharana Pratap Jayanti’s history: He was born on May 9, 1540, at Kumbhalgarh Fort to Jaiwanta Bai and Udai Singh II, with two stepsisters and three younger brothers. Mewar’s capital was Chittor during Udai Singh II’s rule. Among his multiple marriages, Maharana Pratap had seventeen sons and five daughters, with his first wife Maharani Ajabde Punwar being his favorite. Amidst the court’s belief that Pratap was a more fitting heir than Jagmal, who passed away in 1572, Rani Dheer Bai’s wish for Pratap’s kingship came true upon his father’s demise. This marks the story of Pratap’s succession to the throne.

On June 18, 1576, the Rajput army clashed with the Mughal army, resulting in significant casualties among the Mewar soldiers. Despite Mewar being largely under Mughal control, Maharana Pratap persistently harassed them using guerilla tactics. Exploiting a distracted Akbar, Pratap and his forces regained authority over the western territories. In 1582, Maharana Pratap successfully seized the Dewair Mughal fortress.

Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2024 Significance

Maharana Pratap is revered by many royal families in Rajasthan. His bravery and valor are commemorated during the grand celebration of Maharana Pratap Jayanti. He continues to be a symbol of courage for successive generations, known for fighting for his nation, kingdom, and people.

Celebrations of Maharana Pratap Jayanti

Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2024 is a significant occasion in India that celebrates Maharana Pratap’s birthday. The day is marked with various cultural events, parades, and feasts to honor the esteemed king. Educational institutions also participate by organizing seminars and discussions to enlighten students about Maharana Pratap’s life and accomplishments. Rituals like raising the national flag and singing patriotic songs are observed, and people visit Chittorgarh Fort, the birthplace of Maharana Pratap, to show their admiration and respect. The 2024 Maharana Pratap Jayanti pays tribute to the king’s courage and valor, serving as an inspiration for future generations to uphold his legacy.

Maharana Pratap’s Life & Achievements

In 2024, the celebration of Maharana Pratap Jayanti will honor his courage and determination. The upcoming event will highlight the life and accomplishments of the Rajput King, Maharana Pratap.

  • Maharana Pratap was born in Kumbhalgarh Fort on May 9, 1540, to Jaiwanta Bai and Udai Singh II. He has two stepsisters and three younger brothers. His father, Udai Singh II, was the king of Mewar, and Chittor was his capital. Maharana Pratap was married eleven times, had five daughters, and had seventeen sons. His favourite wife, though, was his first wife, Maharani Ajabde Punwar.
  • After the death of Udai Singh in 1572, Rani Dheer Bai requested that Uday Singh’s eldest son, Jagmal, be anointed king, but top courtiers felt that Pratap was more suitable to handle the situation. This is the story of how Pratap ascended to the throne when his father died.
  • On June 18, 1576, the Rajput army confronted the Mughal army. The combat lasted four hours and claimed many casualties on the Mewar side.
  • Though the Mughals were able to capture large portions of Mewar, notably Gogunda and the surrounding districts, they were unable to depose Maharana Pratap, who continued to harry the Mughals through guerrilla tactics.
  • When Akbar’s attention was diverted elsewhere, Pratap and his army emerged from hiding and effectively reclaimed control of his province’s western territories. Maharana Pratap assaulted and conquered the Mughal garrison at Dewair in 1582.

Importance of Maharana Pratap Jayanti

The celebration of Maharana Pratap Jayanti in 2024 symbolizes the courage, determination, and dignity demonstrated by the ruler of Mewar in the face of adversity. Despite challenges, Pratap valiantly fought against the Mughal empire to protect his people’s honor. He passed away on January 29, 1597, at 56 years old due to injuries sustained while defending his kingdom. Maharana Pratap’s life serves as an inspiration to many, leading to the commemoration of his birthday as Maharana Pratap Jayanti in tribute to the esteemed leader.

Maharana Pratap Jayanti Holidays List 2024, 2026, 2027 – 2028

The following table lists the Maharana Pratap Jayanti date 2024 to 2028. Readers can plan their celebrations accordingly. 




Maharana Pratap Jayanti


9th June 2024

Maharana Pratap Jayanti


29th May 2025

Maharana Pratap Jayanti


17th June 2026

Maharana Pratap Jayanti


7th June 2027

Maharana Pratap Jayanti


27th May 2028

Who was Maharana Pratap, and what is his significance in Indian history?

Maharana Pratap, a Hindu Rajput King from the Sisodiya Rajput dynasty, symbolizes heroism, freedom, pride, and valor exhibited by the Mewar monarch despite challenges throughout his life.

Maharana Pratap Jayanti Message

  • Remembering the gallant warrior Maharana Pratap on his Jayanti. His courage and sacrifice continue to inspire us.
  • Maharana Pratap’s legacy is a testament to the indomitable spirit of Rajputana. Let’s honor his memory on this special day.
  • On Maharana Pratap Jayanti, let’s pay tribute to the hero whose valor echoes through the corridors of history.
  • May the ideals of Maharana Pratap guide us towards righteousness and bravery in every aspect of life.
  • Maharana Pratap’s unwavering commitment to freedom and honor remains an inspiration for generations.
  • Wishing everyone a meaningful Maharana Pratap Jayanti filled with pride for our rich heritage.
  • Let’s emulate Maharana Pratap’s fearlessness and determination as we face challenges with resilience.
  • Celebrating the legacy of Maharana Pratap, a true symbol of Rajput pride and honor.
  • Maharana Pratap’s courage on the battlefield and his love for his motherland are stories that will be cherished forever.
  • May the spirit of Maharana Pratap continue to ignite the flames of patriotism in our hearts.
  • Happy Maharana Pratap Jayanti! Let’s remember and honor the sacrifices of our ancestors.
  • Today, we salute the bravery and valor of Maharana Pratap, the epitome of Rajputana’s heritage.
  • Maharana Pratap’s life teaches us that true greatness lies in standing firm for our principles.
  • On this auspicious occasion, let’s reflect on Maharana Pratap’s legacy and strive to uphold his ideals.
  • Maharana Pratap Jayanti is a reminder of our roots and the valor that runs in our veins.

Maharana Pratap Jayanti Wishes

  • Wishing you a courageous and inspiring Maharana Pratap Jayanti!
  • May the spirit of Maharana Pratap fill your life with courage and determination.
  • Happy Maharana Pratap Jayanti! Let’s cherish our heritage and honor our heroes.
  • On this special day, may you be blessed with the strength and valor of Maharana Pratap.
  • Warm wishes on Maharana Pratap Jayanti. Let’s keep the flame of bravery burning bright.
  • May the legacy of Maharana Pratap inspire you to conquer every challenge with grace.
  • Celebrating the bravery and sacrifice of Maharana Pratap on his Jayanti. Wishing you courage and success.
  • Happy Maharana Pratap Jayanti! May you always stand tall like the mighty warrior himself.
  • On this auspicious day, let’s remember Maharana Pratap’s heroism and strive to be fearless in our pursuits.
  • Wishing you a proud and meaningful Maharana Pratap Jayanti. Stay strong and resilient.
  • May the spirit of Maharana Pratap guide you towards greatness and honor.
  • Warm wishes on Maharana Pratap Jayanti. Let’s keep our heritage alive with pride.
  • Happy Maharana Pratap Jayanti! May your life be blessed with courage and integrity.
  • On this day, let’s honor the bravery of Maharana Pratap and uphold the values he stood for.
  • Wishing you a memorable Maharana Pratap Jayanti filled with pride and inspiration.

Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2024: Quotes

  •  “It’s better to serve the nation, instead of wasting this life living happily and simply.”
  •  “Those who work or struggle for their work and the world, are remembered forever.”
  •  “It’s the duty of each and every human to abolish dishonesty and injustice from the world.”
  •  “Time gives its legacy to a powerful and courageous person, so stay steadfast on your way.”
  •  “Manushya ka gaurav aur atmsaman uski sab se badi kamai hoti hai, isliye sada inki raksha karna chahiye.”
  •  “Agar irada neak aur majbut ho, to manushya ki paraajaya nahin, vijay hoti hai.”
  •  “Ek mahan shasak ka pahla kartavya hota hai, ki wo apne rajya ka samman aur gaurav bachai.”
  •  “Tab tak parishram karte raho, jab tak tumhe tumhari manjil na mil jaye.”
  •  “Apne achhe samay mai apne aap ko itna karm ke sath wisaspatra banalo, jab aap pe bura waqt aaye wah usse bhi achha bana de.”
  •  “Satya, parishram aur santosh khushal zindagi ke sadhan hain, parantu annyie ko mitane ke liye hinsa bhi aavashyak hai.”
  •  “Samay itna balwan hota hai, ki ek raja ko bhi ghas ki roti khila sakta hai.”
  •  “Samay ek takatwar aur Shashi ko hi apna wirasat deti hai, isliye, apne raste par adig raho.”

Maharana Pratap Jayanti Images 2024

Maharana Pratap JayantiMaharana Pratap Jayanti Images 2024Maharana Pratap Jayanti Images 2024

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