WhatsApp Down 2024 Update:- Whatsapp And Instagram services restored after global outage

WhatsApp and Instagram experienced outages today in India and globally, with thousands of users worldwide unable to access the platforms either through the app or web browsers.

WhatsApp Down 2024 Update

In a statement released on X, WhatsApp acknowledged that some users are facing problems and assured that they are striving to restore full functionality for everyone promptly. Meanwhile, numerous Instagram users encountered difficulties in updating their feeds and viewing the latest Stories. Downdetector, a widely-used platform for monitoring online service disruptions, indicated a surge in complaints from users experiencing difficulties accessing WhatsApp and Instagram. The Meta-owned platforms have experienced an outage for the second time this year.

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WhatsApp and Instagram Fixed Updates

Meta-owned WhatsApp and Instagram, which experienced a global outage, have now been fixed. The two communication services were inaccessible to many users worldwide starting at approximately 11:45 pm IST on Wednesday. Users attempting to access the mobile apps or WhatsApp web version were greeted with an error message indicating that the service was not available at that time.

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Web Whatsapp Down Error In

Downdetector displays the service interruption experienced by WhatsApp users. An error greeted WhatsApp web users attempting to log in. In March, Instagram, Facebook, and Threads experienced outages, leading to numerous users being unexpectedly logged out. Some users found themselves logged out without the ability to log back in, and those using two-factor authentication faced difficulties in obtaining login codes. This problem affected both the app and the website.

Users Facing Error Regarding Whatsapp Down

WhatsApp server experienced downtime, causing issues for users trying to send or receive messages. Downdetector received over 17,000 reports from Indian users regarding problems with the platform around 11 pm. NetBlocks reported that Meta services such as Instagram and WhatsApp are facing global outages, impacting image and media uploads.

Is WhatsApp down? Thousands of users report issues

After a surge in users encountering disruptions, WhatsApp’s official X, previously known as Twitter account, posted a tweet at approximately 3 pm stating, “We are aware that some users are currently experiencing problems, and we are actively working to restore full functionality for everyone as soon as possible.” According to Reuters, Downdetector data revealed that more than 20,000 users in India, around 46,000 in the United Kingdom, and over 42,000 in Brazil have reported difficulties with the platform. Additionally, approximately 4,800 individuals in the United States encountered issues with Instagram, as per Downdetector.

Instagram & Facebook users also report issues

DownDetector also received many complaints about other social media platforms owned by Meta, such as Facebook and Instagram. Netblocks posted on Twitter that Meta-owned platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp are currently facing global outages, with a focus on issues related to uploading images and media. This incident is not connected to internet disruptions or filtering at the country level.

Meta issues statement after worldwide outage

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, posted on the Meta Status service page that there is a service disruption on Cloud API since 04-03-2024 11:10 AM PST. The engineering teams are looking into the matter, and an update will be given within 4 hours or sooner if more details are found.

Netizens turn X, formerly Twitter into a meme fest

After the global service disruption, internet users posted funny responses and related memes on the social networking site owned by Elon Musk. A user commented, “No one at all: Meta users rushing to Twitter to check if WhatsApp is offline.” Another person remarked, “When #WhatsApp crashes, everyone heads to Twitter as if there’s an earthquake!”


WhatsApp, the messaging service owned by Meta, experienced a significant disruption recently, causing users worldwide to encounter issues with sending and receiving messages. The outage was widespread, affecting a large number of users and sparking frustration among those reliant on the platform for communication. Many individuals took to social media to express their concerns and seek updates on the situation. As WhatsApp worked to address the problem and restore normal functionality, users were advised to remain patient while the technical difficulties were being resolved. The incident served as a reminder of the reliance placed on digital communication platforms and the potential impact of service interruptions in today’s interconnected world.

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