Shehbaz Sharif Biography 2024

Shehbaz Sharif becomes the 24th prime minister of Pakistan. He was sworn in by President Arif Alvi in Islamabad. Nawaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, and Chief of Army Staff General Asim Munir attended the ceremony. The election was marred by accusations of a rigged vote. Shehbaz Sharif assumed the role of the 24th Prime Minister of Pakistan on Monday after being inaugurated by President Arif Alvi in Islamabad, despite objections from lawmakers supporting imprisoned former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Shehbaz won the election with 201 votes in the PM elections held yesterday. The ceremony was attended by Nawaz Sharif, former president Asif Ali Zardari, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, and the chief ministers of Sindh, Punjab, and Balochistan. Chief of Army Staff General Asim Munir also attended the ceremony.

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Shahbaz Sharif Latest News 2024

 Shehbaz previously held the position of prime minister in a coalition government from April 2022 to August 2023, until Parliament was dissolved for the recent general elections. Shahbaz Sharif has not yet revealed his new cabinet, but there is anticipation from economists, investors, and foreign entities regarding the selection of the new finance minister.

This individual will need to engage in challenging negotiations with the International Monetary Fund promptly to secure a new multi-billion dollar funding agreement, as the existing one expires in April. The election on February 8 faced issues such as a mobile internet shutdown, arrests, and violence during its lead-up. The delayed announcement of results led to allegations of election manipulation.

Shehbaz Sharif Biography

Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif (pronounced [miˈɑ̃ː mʊˈɦəm.məd̪ ʃɛhˈbɑːz ʃəˈriːf], born 23 September 1951) is a Pakistani politician. He is the 23rd and current Prime Minister of Pakistan since 2024, and previously from 2022 to 2023. He is also the President of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) (PML-N). He is the brother of Nawaz Sharif, former Prime Minister of Pakistan. He is the chief minister of Pakistan’s most populous province Punjab since 2008. Previously, he held this position from 1997 to 1999, when Pervez Musharraf took control of Pakistan in a military coup. He, along with his entire family, was forced into exile until his return to Pakistan in late 2007.

Sharif became the Prime Minister of Pakistan on 29 July 2017, succeeding Nawaz Sharif post his resignation following the Panama Papers case. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was expected to serve as Prime Minister until the 2018 general election, but Nasirul Mulk was chosen instead. Imran Khan controversially won the 2018 election. Shahbaz was elected as the Prime Minister the day after Imran Khan was ousted on 10 April 2022 due to a motion of no confidence. To extend the time before elections, the parliament was dissolved on 9 August 2023, despite its scheduled expiration on 12 August 2023, with the approval of the President of Pakistan. Sharif was re-elected as Prime Minister for a second term on 3 March 2024, securing 201 votes against PTI-backed Omar Ayub Khan’s 92 votes.

Shahbaz Sharif Provokes India with Kashmir Remarks in First Speech as Pakistan’s New PM

Who is Shehbaz Sharif?

Shehbaz Sharif is a Pakistani politician, who is currently serving as the Prime Minister of the nation. Shehbaz, formerly the Leader of Opposition in the Pakistan National Assembly, was sworn in as Pakistan PM on April 11, 2022 after ex-prime minister Imran Khan was ousted in a no-confidence motion.

Shehbaz Sharif Biography 2024 Overview

Sharif in Mian Tahir Pervaz house for Selfe with
23rd Prime Minister of Pakistan
Assumed office
4 March 2024
PresidentArif Alvi
Preceded byAnwar ul Haq Kakar (Caretaker)
In office
11 April 2022 – 14 August 2023
PresidentArif Alvi
Preceded byImran Khan
Succeeded byAnwar ul Haq Kakar (Caretaker)
Leader of the Opposition
In office
20 August 2018 – 10 April 2022
PresidentMamnoon Hussain
Arif Alvi
Preceded byKhursid Ahmed Shah
Succeeded byRaja Riaz Ahmad Khan
Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan
Assumed office
13 August 2018
ConstituencyNA-132 (Lahore-X)
Chief Minister of Punjab
In office
8 June 2013 – 8 June 2018
GovernorMohammad Sarwar
Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana
Preceded byNajam Sethi (acting)
Succeeded byHasan Askari Rizvi (acting)
In office
8 June 2008 – 26 March 2013
GovernorMakhdoom Ahmed Mehmood
Latif Khosa
Salmaan Taseer
Preceded byDost Muhammad Khosa
Succeeded byNajam Sethi (acting)
In office
20 February 1997 – 12 October 1999
GovernorShahid Hamid
Zulfiqar Ali Khosa
Preceded byMian Muhammad Afzal Hayat (Caretaker)
Succeeded byChaudhry Pervaiz Elahi (2002)
President of the Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Assumed office
13 March 2018
Preceded byNawaz Sharif
In office
Preceded byNisar Ali Khan
Succeeded byNawaz Sharif

Personal Details

Born23 September 1951 (age 72)
Lahore, Pakistan
Political partyPakistan Muslim League (N)
Begum Nusrat (m. 1973)
Tehmina Durrani (m. 2003)
Children4, including Hamza
ParentsSheikh Rehan Shahid
RelativesSee Sharif family
EducationGovernment College University, Lahore (BA)

Age of Shehbaz Sharif 

Shehbaz was born on 23 September 1951 into a Punjabi-speaking Kashmiri family in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

  • Born: 23 September 1951 (age 72 years)
  • Spouse: Tehmina Durrani (m. 2003)
  • Previous offices: Prime Minister of Pakistan (2022–2023)
  • Party: Pakistan Muslim League (N)
  • Children: Hamza Shahbaz, Rabia Imran, Javeria Shahbaz Sharif, Salman Shehbaz
  • Organizations founded: Punjab Educational Endowment Fund

Shehbaz Sharif Life & Education

Education: St. Anthony’s Higher Secondary School, Government College University Lahore (GCUL). Shehbaz Sharif was born on September 23, 1951 in a Punjabi-speaking Kashmiri family in Lahore. He is the younger brother of former three-time prime minister Nawaz Sharif. Shehbaz’s father hailed from Kashmir’s Anantnag (in India) while his mother hailed from Pulwama. His parents migrated to Pakistan after the 1947 partition.

Shehbaz married five times and presently he has two wives, Nusrat and Tehmina. In 1973, he married his cousin, Nusrat Shehbaz, with whom he has two sons and three daughters. He has one daughter from his ex-wife Alia. He married Tehmina Durrani, his second wife, in 2003. Shehbaz did his graduation in Bachelors of Arts from Lahore’s Government College University.

Shehbaz Sharif Images 2024

Shehbaz Sharif Biography

Shehbaz Sharif Career 

Shehbaz, after completing his graduation, joined his family-owned Ittefaq Group and in 1985, was elected as the president of Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

  • He entered politics alongside his elder brother Nawaz in the mid-1980s. In 1988, he was elected as a member of Punjab Assembly when Nawaz became Punjab’s chief minister.
  • In 1997, when Nawaz Sharif became the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz became the chief minister of Punjab. In the 1999 army coup led by General Pervez Musharraf, when Nawaz’s government was toppled, Shehbaz, alongside his entire family, spent eight years in Saudi Arabia in exile. They returned to Pakistan in 2007.
  • Shehbaz again became Punjab’s chief minister in 2008 and for the third time in 2013.
  • He was elected as the president of Pakistan Muslim League (N) in 2017 after Nawaz Sharif was disqualified from holding office due to the Panama Papers case.
  • In 2018, when cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan was elected as the Prime Minister, Shehbaz became the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly.
  • In 2020, Shehbaz was arrested by the anti-graft body on the charges of money laundering and income beyond means case and spent several months in jail before he got bail.
  • Shehbaz became prime minister of Pakistan after Imran Khan was ousted in a non-trust motion.

Who is Shehbaz Sharif Summary 2024?

  • Shehbaz Sharif, born on September 23, 1951, in Lahore, Punjab, comes from the influential Sharif family, a dominant force in Pakistani politics.
  • He studied at Government College, Lahore, and later pursued a law degree from the University of Punjab.
  • Shehbaz entered politics in the 1980s, rising swiftly through the ranks of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N), founded by his brother Nawaz Sharif and their father.
  • Serving multiple terms as the chief minister of Punjab, Pakistan’s most populous province, he built a reputation as a competent administrator.
  •  He played a crucial role in maintaining a coalition of disparate parties for 16 months after Imran Khan was voted out of office in 2022.
  • Sharif first served as prime minister in 2022, in the absence of his elder brother and PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif, in a similar alliance that ousted ex-cricket star Imran Khan. He remained PM for 16 months before being replaced by the caretaker government for general elections.
  • Leading efforts to prevent Pakistan from defaulting, Shehbaz secured a $3 billion loan programme in his 16-month stint as PM, before being replaced by caretaker government for general elections. He implemented tough measures like removing subsidies and raising energy prices.
  • His nomination for the prime ministerial role was unexpected, especially after Nawaz Sharif’s return from exile to contest the election.
  • Shehbaz is widely perceived to maintain favourable relations with the military, suggesting a potential influence on key decisions behind the scenes.

Where is Shahbaz Sharif Today

Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif (Urdu: میاں محمد شہباز شریف, pronounced [ʃɛhˈbaːz ʃəˈriːf]; born 23 September 1951) is a Pakistani politician and businessman who is currently serving as the 24th prime minister of Pakistan since March 2024, having previously served in the post from April 2022 to August 2023.

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