Parivahan Sewa Portal 2024

The Parivahan Sewa Portal 2024 is a digital platform established in India to provide transportation-related services to Indian residents. The portal offers various services such as applying for a driving license, obtaining permits for commercial vehicles, license renewals, and more. The term “digital transformation” has become popular in recent years as digital technology continues to impact people’s lifestyles and work habits. Despite government efforts to improve transportation services, challenges such as population growth hinder accessibility in remote areas. The transportation industry is evolving rapidly due to digital advancements and changes in consumer behavior, leading to a reevaluation of governmental policies and procedures.

Specifically, local public transportation such as buses and trains plays a vital role in supporting individuals’ lives and economic activities, serving as essential social infrastructure for revitalizing local communities. A centralized website connects users with various platforms focused on specific subjects or providing comprehensive information in one place. The Ministry of Land, Transport, and Tourism utilizes budget, tax regulations, and legal structures to partner with local clients and transportation services in enhancing sustainability and convenience.

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Parivahan Sewa 2024

Parivahan Sewa 2024 aims to enhance transportation services by improving the quality and efficiency of vehicle registration and licensing for the general public and transport departments. Also known as MoRTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways), the Parivahan Sewa Portal 2024 is an innovative platform designed to provide various transportation services across India, including road transport, aviation, and railways.

Services Available on Parivahan Sewa Portal

  • Check post-tax
  • Homologation
  • Paid NR (National Register) services
  • AITP (All India Tourist Permit) authorisation
  • Applying for DL, duplicate DL, DL renewal, etc., and other driving license related services
  • Renewal of registration, online test/appointment for DL, renewal for fitness certificate, etc., and other vehicle related services
  • Fancy number booking
  • National permit authorisation
  • VLTD (Vehicle Location Tracking Device) maker
  • CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) maker
  • Trade certificate
  • SLD (Speed Limiting Device) maker
  • PUCC (Pollution Under Control Certificate)
  • Vahan green sewa
  • Vehicle recall

In order to maintain uniformity and ensure timely information availability in all state RTOs, Parivahan Sewa intends to standardize documents. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has assigned the National Informatics Centre (NIC) the responsibility of implementing two types of software to accomplish this objective.

  1. VAHAN: For vehicle registration.
  2. SARATHI: For driving licences and compilation of data with respect to DLs in all states and vehicle registration.

Parivahan Sewa strives to offer citizens enhanced access to all necessary information from their respective state.

  • Permanent licence
  • Renewal
  • Duplicate licence
  • Addition of class
  • International driving permit
  • Licencing related fees and charges
  • Sample LL Question Bank

Significance & Impact

The portal plays a crucial role in digitizing and modernizing transportation services and departments throughout India.

Convenience and Effectiveness

Providing online services related to transportation to numerous individuals or large groups greatly enhances accessibility for Indian citizens. The platform enhances efficiency, expedites processes, and improves convenience for both residents and businesses. Users can now bypass lengthy queues and paperwork by conducting transactions from the comfort of their homes, offices, or educational institutions.

Digital Transformation

The Parivahan Sewa Portal contributes to enhancing the e-governance and digital transformation efforts of the Indian government, fostering technological advancement and expanding service delivery across rural and urban areas of the country. It aims to improve digital experiences, solutions, and services.

Benefits of Parivahan Sewa Portal 2024

The Parivahan Sewa Portal functions like a shopping mall for transportation services in India, offering a convenient one-stop platform. It simplifies tasks for users, saving time by eliminating the need to visit government offices and stand in queues. Here are the primary benefits of the Parivahan Sewa Portal 2024:

Easy Vehicle Registration

Acquiring registration for a newly purchased vehicle can be a challenging task, but it can now be conveniently done online, saving significant time and effort. Users no longer need to physically visit offices for this process; instead, they can complete it effortlessly on an online portal. This not only streamlines the process but also eliminates the need to wait in line. Registration can now be completed from the comfort of one’s home or office with just a few clicks on a computer.

Convenient License Renewal

Renewing your license on the Parivahan Sewa Portal is as simple and convenient as renewing your vehicle registration. Users can easily renew their licenses online, saving time and avoiding the need to visit the transport office in person for renewal.

Services of Parivahan Sewa Portal 2024

License and Vehicle Registration

One crucial aspect of the portal for users is its provision of licensing and vehicle registration services. Through the portal, Indians can avail services such as applying for new vehicle registrations, renewals, ownership transfers, duplicate document issuance, and various other services.

Driving License Services

The platform provides the convenience of obtaining and updating driver’s licenses. Individuals have the option to choose a provisional license for beginners, a regular driver’s license, and even digital international driving permits. Moreover, users have the ability to schedule driving exams and monitor their progress.

Online Fee Payment

The sewa portal provides a convenient and quick online payment option for various taxes and fees related to driving licenses and vehicles, including road tax, registration fees, fines, and other additional charges.

Vehicle Fitness Services

The platform offers advantages for renewing fitness certificates for commercial and trading vehicles while ensuring adherence to security, safety, and regulatory requirements. Users can book appointments for vehicle inspections and monitor certificate status.

E-challan Services

The Parivahan Sewa Portal provides e-challan services to Indian users, enabling them to pay traffic fines and penalties online for violating traffic regulations. Through the portal, individuals can easily pay and check their outstanding challans, simplifying the process for citizens.

Registration on Parivahan Sewa Website

  • Temporary registration
  • Permanent registration
  • Renewal of RC
  • Duplicate RC
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Address change
  • HP endorsement
  • HP termination
  • Reassignment
  • Trade certificate
  • Issue of duplicate trade certificate
  • Diplomatic vehicles
  • Ownership transfer
  • Registration display


  • Contact carriage
  • Permit fees and permit period

Act, Rules & Policies

  • Motor Vehicles Act 1988
  • Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989
  • Carriage by Road Act and Rules
  • Central Road Fund Act and Rules

 mParivahan Sewa App

The mParivahan Sewa application provides easy access to services for Driving License (DL) and Registration Certificate (RC) on mobile devices. The app is available for download on Google Play and Apple stores in various languages such as English, Hindi, and Marathi.

Registration Process for mParivahan Sewa App

  • Download the official mParivahan app from the Play store.
  • Launch the app and register with your mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP received on your mobile for verification.
  • Complete the registration process and create your account.

Parivahan Sewa Tax Payment

  • Visit the official Parivahan Sewa website.
  • Click on the “Check Post Tax” link under the “Online Services” section on the home page.
  • On the new page, click on the “Tax Payment” option.
  • Choose the service and state from the drop-down menus.
  • Enter your vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and click “Get Details.”
  • Verify the auto-filled fields and provide any remaining information.
  • Click “Calculate Tax” or “Pay Tax” to proceed.
  • Choose the payment gateway and complete the payment process.

Parivahan Sewa Vehicle Tax Payment

For vehicle tax payment:

  • Visit the Parivahan Sewa portal.
  • Register or log in to your account.
  • Select “Pay Vehicle Tax” from the list of online services.
  • Enter vehicle details such as registration number and chassis number.
  • Click on “Generate OTP” and enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number.
  • Choose the tax mode and provide permit details if applicable.
  • Review the total amount due and click “Submit.”
  • Confirm the payment and select a payment gateway to complete the transaction.

Checking e-Challan Status Through Parivahan Sewa

To check e-Challan status:

  • 1. Visit the e-Challan Parivahan Sewa page.
  • 2. Click on the “Check Online Services” option.
  • 3. Select “Check Challan Status.”
  • 4. Enter the vehicle number, DL number, or Challan number.
  • 5. Enter the captcha code and click “Get Detail” to view the e-Challan details.

Paying Challan and Fines Online Through Parivahan Sewa

For payment

  • 1. Visit the e-Challan Parivahan Sewa page.
  • 2. Click on the “Check Online Services” option.
  • 3. Select “Check Challan Status.”
  • 4. Enter the vehicle number, DL number, or Challan number.
  • 5. Enter the captcha code and click “Get Detail” to view the e-Challan details.
  • 6. Under the Payment column, click “Pay Now” and select the payment mode.
  • 7. Complete the payment process and receive a confirmation message with the transaction ID.

Checking RC or DL Status on Parivahan Sewa Portal:-

To check DL status

  • 1. Visit the official Parivahan Sewa portal.
  • 2. Click on the “Online Service” option.
  • 3. Select “Driving License Related Services.”
  • 4. Choose the state where the DL application is filed.
  • 5. Click on “Application Status” and enter the required details.
  • 6. Click “Submit” to view the DL status.

For RC Status

  • 1. Visit the official Parivahan Sewa portal.
  • 2. Click on the “Online Service” option.
  • 3. Select “Vehicle Related Services.”
  • 4. Enter the vehicle registration number and select the state RTO.
  • 5. Click on “Status” and enter the application number.
  • 6. Click “Submit” to view the RC application status.

Booking Slots for Driving License Through Parivahan Sewa Portal

To book DL test Slots

  • 1. Visit the official Parivahan Sewa portal.
  • 2. Click on the “Online Service” option.
  • 3. Select “Driving License Related Services.”
  • 4. Choose the state where you want to book a DL test slot.
  • 5. Click on “Appointments” and select “Slot Booking DL Test.”
  • 6. Enter the required details and choose the date and time for the DL test slot.
  • 7. Submit the details to book the slot successfully.

Paying Challans Through Parivahan Sewa

  • 1. Navigate to the E-challan Parivahan website.
  • 2. Choose “Check Challan Status” from the “Check Online Services” list.
  • 3. Input the required information: Challan Number, Vehicle Number, or DL Number.
  • 4. Enter the captcha code and click “Get Detail.”
  • 5. Your e-challan status will display in the corresponding row.
  • 6. Click “Pay Now” in the payment column.
  • 7. Select a payment method and complete the transaction.
  • 8. Receive a confirmation message and transaction ID on your registered mobile number.

Applying for a DL on Parivahan Sewa Website:

  • 1. Go to the official Parivahan Sewa website:
  • 2. Choose your state.
  • 3. Click on “New Driving Licence” under the “Driving Licence” option.
  • 4. Enter necessary details like date of birth and Learning Licence Number.
  • 5. Fill out the application form.
  • 6. Click “Next” and schedule a visit to the RTO office with original documents and fee receipt on the appointed date.

Notification & Advisory Section

This category includes all transport notifications and advisories, such as final notifications, draft notifications, and advisories. These files can be accessed in PDF form on the Parivahan Sewa website.

Manual Section

Comprehensive information regarding the steps for using different online services provided on the website is available here, including process flows, detailed steps, and direct service access links.

Forms Download

Forms such as permit forms, motor vehicle dealer forms, driving license-related forms, and vehicle registration forms, among others, can all be accessed for download from this section on the Parivahan Sewa website.

Fees & User Charges

Sl No.




Grant of or renewal of trade certificate for each class vehicle

(a) Motorcycle


(b) Invalid carriage


(c) Others



Duplicate trade certificate

(a) Motorcycle


(b) Invalid carriage


(c) Others



Appeal under rule 46



Renewal or issue of certificate of registration + assignment of new registration mark

(a) Invalid carriage


(b) Motorcycle


(c) Three-wheeler, light motor vehicle, or quadricycle

1. Non-transport


2. Transport


(d) Medium goods vehicle


(e) Medium passenger motor vehicle


(f) Heavy goods vehicle


(g) Heavy passenger motor vehicle


(h) Imported motor vehicle


(i) Imported motorcycle


(j) Any other vehicle


  1. An additional fee of Rs.200 will be charged if the certificate of registration is a smart card issued or renewed in Form 23A.
  2. For any delay in applying for a renewal of the certificate of registration, an additional fee of Rs.300 (for motorcycles) and Rs.500 (for other non-transport vehicles) will be charged every month.


Issue of certificate of registration (duplicate)

Half of the fee mentioned in (4) will be charged.


Ownership transfer

Half of the fee mentioned in (4) will be charged.

Note: For every month in which there is a delay in submission of the No Objection Certificate, an additional fee of Rs.300 (for motorcycles) and Rs.500 (for other vehicles) will be charged.


Change of residence

Half of the fee mentioned in (4).

Note: With respect to change of residence, for every month that there is a delay in submitting the No Objection Certificate, an additional fee of Rs.300 (for motorcycles) and Rs.500 (for other vehicles) will be charged.


Recording an alteration in the certificate of registration

Half of the fee mentioned in (4)


Endorsing lease, hire purchase, hypothecation agreement

(a) Motorcycle


(b) Quadricycle, three-wheeler, or light motor vehicle


(c) Medium or heavy vehicle


Note: If you cancel the lease or require a fresh certificate, no separate fee will be charged.


Testing a vehicle in order to grant or renew certificate of fitness

(a) Motorcycle

1. Manual


2. Automated


(b) Light motor vehicle, quadricycle, three-wheeler

1. Manual


2. Automated


(c) Medium or heavy motor vehicle

1. Manual


2. Automated



Grant or renewal of certificate motor vehicle fitness


Note: For every day in the delay of renewal of certificate after expiry, an additional fee of Rs.50 will be levied.


Grant or renewal of letter of authority



Issue of duplicate letter of authority



Appeal under rule 70



Any application not covered by serials (1) to (14)


  1. Any medium passenger vehicle, imported vehicle, or heavy goods vehicle not mentioned in this table of fees and charges include both transport and non-transport vehicles.
  2. If the certificate of registration is issued in the form of a Smart Card Type, an additional fee of Rs.200 is payable, except in the case of issue of a fresh certificate of registration after the cancellation of a hypothecation agreement, hire purchase, or lease agreement.

Contacting Parivahan Sewa:

Website Queries: Contact the Web Information Manager, Ms. Dharkat R Luikang via email at [email protected].

Technical Problems with Learner and Driving Licences: Contact the helpdesk at [email protected] or dial +91 120 2459169 for any technical problems regarding learner and driving licenses. Phone assistance is accessible from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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