Birmingham Southern College in 2024

Birmingham Southern College (BSC) is a liberal arts college in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, affiliated with the Methodist Church. Established in 1856 through the merger of Southern University and Birmingham College, BSC emphasizes problem-solving, communication, and self-reliance in its teaching approach. The college provides approximately 25 undergraduate majors, 25 minors, and 10 special programs, and is recognized for its excellent faculty and successful alumni.

Birmingham Southern College

The BSC campus spans 192 acres located south of downtown Birmingham, featuring 45 traditional red brick university buildings surrounded by green, leafy open spaces. Alongside residence halls and academic buildings, there are sports stadiums, softball parks, and athletics facilities. Additionally, the campus includes art studios, a theatre, planetarium, chapel, and a dance studio. With its own lake and ample recreational space, the campus offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation. It is a tradition at BSC for graduating seniors to climb to the roof and ring the bell in the bell tower to signify the completion of their studies. BSC boasts a vibrant sports culture with its Panthers teams competing in the third division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The college supports 22 sports for both men and women, providing numerous facilities and competitive options.

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About Birmingham Southern College

Experience BSC

Birmingham-Southern College values diversity and is dedicated to upholding the dignity of each individual. Diversity is seen as essential for students to become global citizens who can thrive in diverse environments and interact with people from various backgrounds. The college’s curriculum and faculty are committed to offering students a comprehensive education encompassing cultures, languages, arts, sciences, and social issues. Upon graduation, students are expected to have a deeper understanding of the world and their place within it.


Birmingham-Southern College recognizes your unique qualities and values a hands-on learning approach for its students. You can expect personalized support from dedicated professors, exclusive research and internship programs, and a supportive campus community. The historic residential campus provides a global network for your academic journey.

Birmingham Southern College 

Birmingham-Southern College (BSC) is a private institution situated in Birmingham, Alabama, within the United States. The college enrolls more than 1300 students hailing from 33 states and 16 different countries.

Birmingham Southern College History

Birmingham-Southern College was established through the consolidation of Southern University, established in Greensboro, Alabama, in 1856, and Birmingham College, established in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1898. The merger of these two schools occurred on May 30, 1918, and the new institution was named Birmingham-Southern College.

Birmingham Southern College Programs, Courses, and Schools

Birmingham-Southern College provides five bachelor’s degrees in more than 50 study programs through its different departments/schools, along with interdisciplinary majors, individualized majors, and dual degree programs.

Birmingham Southern College Achievements/USP

 Birmingham-Southern College holds the 128th position among National Liberal Arts Colleges and is authorized by SACSCOC to grant baccalaureate degrees.

Birmingham Southern College Notable Alumni

  • Donald Heflin
  • Jennifer Hale
  • Howell Heflin
  • Hugh Martin
  • Richmond C. Beatty
  • Charles Brooks
  • William Acker
  • Robert Aderholt
  • Amanda Bearse
  • Joe Nasco
  • Sena Jeter Naslund
  • Alexa Jones

Birmingham Southern College Infrastructure & services

Birmingham Southern College Campuses

 The Birmingham-Southern College campus spans 192 wooded acres, situated three miles west of downtown Birmingham. The campus houses 45 academic, residential, administrative, and athletic buildings/facilities, such as the Elton B. Stephens Science Center, Norton Campus Center, Munger Memorial Hall, Berte Humanities Center, College Theatre, Lakeview Residence Halls, library, and numerous others.

Birmingham Southern College College Libraries

  The library at Birmingham-Southern College is known as the N.E. Miles Library. It contains 257,000 books, 57,000 government documents, and a collection of over 20,000 recordings, CDs, and DVDs. Additionally, over 135 online databases provide access to more than 40,000 periodicals and various e-books. The library features amenities such as an auditorium, study spaces, conference rooms, and an electronic classroom.

Birmingham Southern College Housing services

 Birmingham-Southern College offers a variety of housing options for both new and returning students, including high-speed wireless internet, cable TV, and on-site laundry facilities in its eight residence halls and on-campus apartment complex.

Here is a list of some of them:

  • Cullen Daniel Hall
  • Margaret Daniel Hall
  • New Men’s Hall
  • Bruno Hall
  • Hanson Hall
  • Lakeview and Pierce Halls
  • The Hilltop Village Apartments

Birmingham Southern College Medical services

Birmingham-Southern College offers medical services on campus in partnership with Cahaba Medical Care (CMC), a local medical care organization with multiple clinics in central Alabama, to provide healthcare and education to all students.

Birmingham Southern College Students clubs

        Birmingham-Southern College’s student association provides a wide range of student clubs catering to different interests, including political, cultural, religious, sports, arts, and academic clubs, offering students numerous opportunities for involvement and activity.

Birmingham Southern College location

900 Arkadelphia Rd, Birmingham,

AL 35254, United States

Birmingham–Southern College has different campuses locations

 The Birmingham-Southern College campus is located three miles west of downtown Birmingham on 192 wooded acres. Birmingham is a city in the north-central region of Alabama, in the United States.

Birmingham–Southern College top landmarks nearby, top companies, airports nearby

 Birmingham Airport is the nearest airport to Birmingham-Southern College (BHM). Birmingham Airport (BHM) and Birmingham Southern College are 7 miles apart. The distance on the road is 8.8 miles.

Birmingham Southern College International student’s info

Birmingham Southern College courses offered

  • Applied Computer Science
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Classics
  • Political science
  • Psychology
  • Physics
  • Religion
  • Education
  • Economics
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Sociology
  • Foreign Languages
  • Theatre
  • Urban Environmental Studies

Birmingham–Southern College student support

      The Students Development Office at Birmingham-Southern College provides assistance to students with various services including housing, student activities, organizations, leadership opportunities, health and personal counseling, career guidance, and academic support.

Birmingham–Southern College visas & immigration support

        The Office of Multicultural Affairs at Birmingham-Southern College strives to help international students feel welcomed by aiding with immigration procedures and offering assistance during their stay on campus. Birmingham-Southern College provides immigration guidance to international students and scholars to help them settle into the United States and become part of the campus community seamlessly.

Birmingham–Southern College Student life

Birmingham-Southern College offers a wide range of student societies catering to different interests, including honor societies, religious groups, Greek Life, and various Special Interest groups.

Birmingham–Southern College sports and fitness

      Striplin Fitness and Recreation Center provides sports and fitness services to Birmingham-Southern College. Two basketball courts, an indoor jogging track, racquetball courts, a golf simulator, an indoor swimming pool, and strength training and cardiovascular workout rooms are available at the Striplin Recreation Center.

Birmingham–Southern College Health & Wellbeing

Birmingham-Southern College offers health and well-being services on campus. Counseling Services are accessible for students needing help with mental or emotional health concerns, while Health Services cater to students in need of assistance with physical health issues. Appointments are provided at no cost, and services are arranged based on the availability of currently enrolled students.

Birmingham–Southern College Residential Life

Birmingham-Southern College residential life is enhanced by the Office of Residence Life & Housing, which aims to create a safe, comfortable, and engaging living environment to support students in their academic and personal growth. Various housing options are provided to prepare students for success and foster a community that promotes positive behavior and collaborative learning.

Birmingham–Southern College food & drink

  • Yo chef surf and turf Smokehouse
  • The Southern Kitchen and Bar
  • Rib-It-Up
  • Ted’s Restaurant
  • Granny’s Fish ‘N Grits
  • The Prive
  • Tide & Tiger Lounge
  • J & R Bar & Grill
  • Drake’s Courthouse Café

Birmingham–Southern College short-term getaways 

  • Birmingham Museum of Art
  • Vulcan Park and Museum
  • Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
  • Birmingham Botanical Garden
  • Birmingham Zoo
  • McWane Science Center
  • Oak Mountain State Park
  • Sloss Furnaces Nationals Historic

Birmingham–Southern College Part-time jobs

Students at Birmingham-Southern College can work part-time. There are numerous job opportunities for students at Birmingham-Southern College; students should contact career@BSC for more information.

Birmingham–Southern College Student Safety

     Birmingham-Southern College students receive year-round safety support from the police on campus. Campus Police officers patrol on foot, by bicycle, and in vehicles, ensuring 24-hour security. The campus is well-lit round the clock to illuminate all key areas. Weekly fire system checks are conducted in all residential buildings.

Birmingham–Southern College Famous courses

  • Political science
  • Psychology
  • Physics
  • Religion
  • Education
  • Economics
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Sociology
  • Foreign Languages

Birmingham Southern College Campus recruitment Process

Process- Birmingham-Southern College’s Career@BSC Center is the designated source for all student career services, encompassing placement guidance, resume assistance, industry connections, career expos, and interview support.

  1. Median Earnings 5 Years After Graduation   70000
  2. Median Earnings 2 Years After Graduation    45000
  3. Employed 2 Years After Graduation       80%
  4. Employed 6 months After Graduation      70%

Birmingham Southern College Application Requirements


  • Online application
  • Choose your program
  • Application fee- If you apply before November 15th, the Common Application fee is waived. The Common Application requires a non-refundable $50 application fee after November 15th.
  • High school transcripts
  • Official academics documents
  • Visa
  • Passport
  • Confirmation letter
  • Reference letter
  • Personal statement
  • Resume
  • English Proficiency test score


  • Online application
  • Choose your program
  • Application fee- If you apply before November 15th, the Common Application fee is waived. The Common Application requires a non-refundable $50 application fee after November 15th.
  • Degree transcripts
  • Official academics documents
  • Visa
  • Passport
  • Confirmation letter
  • Reference letter
  • Personal statement
  • Resume
  • English Proficiency test score

Birmingham Southern College Scholarships

Visual & Preforming Arts Scholarship

Renewable scholarships are awarded to college-admitted students intending to pursue studies in theater, musical theater, art, art history, or music. High school seniors must audition or submit a portfolio and interview with fine arts faculty, typically during the BSC Visual & Performing Arts Scholarship Day.

Eligibility Criteria /Scholarship Guidelines

Only students interested in attending Birmingham-Southern College are eligible to apply for Art Scholarships. These scholarships are granted based on a portfolio review and an interview. The portfolio should consist of two-dimensional pieces, with three-dimensional and large works submitted as photographs or on CD/DVD. The portfolio size should not exceed 30 inches on each side and must be brought to the Doris Wainwright Kennedy Art Center on the day of the Fine & Performing Arts Scholarship competition.

The portfolio should include

Artist statement emphasizing drawing from life rather than photographs, including still life in line, value, and color, graphite portraits, and hand or foot studies. Encouragement for sketchbooks and diverse artwork examples within a 30-inch size limit. Art History Scholarships require a visual analysis of artwork, brought to the Doris Wainwright Kennedy Art Center for the competition day. Tours of Azar Art Studios, Durbin Gallery, computer lab, and campus available, with opportunities to interact with students, graduates, and parents.

Transfer Student Scholarship

Birmingham Southern’s updated Explorations curriculum shifts the focus of general education from a traditional, checkbox approach to emphasizing the significance of students’ learning outcomes. This new educational approach prioritizes practical skills such as effective communication, innovative problem-solving, global connections, social and political engagement, and independent learning. These specific abilities and perspectives are highly sought after by professional schools, graduate programs, and employers in today’s intricate and interconnected world.

Eligibility Criteria/ Scholarship Guidelines

To be eligible for this scholarship candidate must fulfill the criteria

Minimum GPA:

In order to transfer to Birmingham-Southern College, applicants need to have a positive academic and social standing from their previous college, alongside maintaining a minimum grade average of “C” on a full course load.

Official Transcripts

Official high school transcripts, as well as official transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities, are required.

SAT Scores

Official standardized test scores are required.


Submit an original personal statement to the College. The form for this statement is provided with the application materials.

Application Fee

An application fee of $50 will be required.

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