Zen Technologies Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 & 2030

Zen Technologies Share Price Target The Union Government places great importance on Zen Technologies’ capacity to provide Combat Training Solutions in the Indian Defence Sector. Zen Technologies has provided training systems to the Defence and Security Forces over the years, ranging from Live Instrumental to Live Fire to Counter Drone Solutions.
tock price has increased dramatically in the last several months on the stock market, providing investors with incredible days of return on their investments. In addition to the other important components of the Zen Technologies Share Price Predictions 2025, such its annual financial results, we will also talk about the investor’s strategy with regard to the Zen Technologies Share Price Target 2025 and beyond in this article.

Zen Technologies Latest News

The share price of Zen Technologies The ZENTEC NSE stock fell to Rs 1,033 per share as the trading session neared noon on Monday, from its previous closing of Rs 1,088.30 on Saturday, representing a 5% decline on the stock exchange. The stock opened on Monday at Rs 1,098.25 per share.

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Zen Technologies Share Price Target 2025, 2026, 2027 & 2030

Zen Technologies Share Price Target 2024 Rs 950.32, 2025 Rs 1,255.18, 2026 Rs 1,458.85, 2027 Rs 1,675.25, 2028 Rs 1,890.50, 2029 Rs 2,015.25 & 2030 Rs 2,261.32.

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Zen Technologies Share Price Target 2024

Month (2024) Maximum Target MinimumTarget
June Rs 1,180.70 Rs 780.10
July Rs 1,240.10 Rs 810.21
August Rs 1,290.93 Rs 840.13
September Rs 1,345.19 Rs 870.13
October Rs 1,380.25 Rs 900.10
November Rs 1,421.08 Rs 930.11
December Rs 1,465.21 Rs 950.32

Zen Technologies Share Price Target 2025

Month (2025) Maximum Target MinimumTarget
January Rs 1,500.23 Rs 970.38
February Rs 1,562.21 Rs 995.12
March Rs 1,616.25 Rs 1,023.96
April Rs 1,678.23 Rs 1,048.44
May Rs 1,726.23 Rs 1,066.10
June Rs 1,780.24 Rs 1,090.15
July Rs 1,840.29 Rs 1,130.11
August Rs 1,893.51 Rs 1,149.68
September Rs 1,946.57 Rs 1,170.17
October Rs 1,988.25 Rs 1,199.14
November Rs 2,039.26 Rs 1,235.12
December Rs 2,094.27 Rs 1,255.18

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Zen Technologies Share Price Target 2026 – 2030

Year Maximum Target Minimum Target
2026 Rs 2,633.99 Rs 1,458.85
2027 Rs 3,242.70 Rs 1,675.25
2028 Rs 3,853.93 Rs 1,890.50
2029 Rs 4,465.50 Rs 2,015.25
2030 Rs 5,007.80 Rs 2,261.32

(This prediction is based upon our understanding seeing the history of the above stock, expert advice is critical before making any investment-related commitment

Zen Technologies LTD Competitors (Market Cap: 8,689.34 crores INR)

  • Bharat Dynamics (Market Cap: 33,892.37 crores INR)
  • Astra Microwave (Market Cap: 6,457.21 crores INR)
  • Paras Defence (Market Cap: 2,724.35 crores INR)

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Zen Technologies Share Price Target Informations

  • Other Indian defence firms such Biggies Bharat Dynamics, Paras Defence, and Astra Microwave compete directly with Zen Technologies. The Indian defence industry has a bright future ahead of it. The first to market will gain an advantage over the others in terms of timely delivery of defence products. Creative thinking, and improvements in durability, quality, and precision.
  • Zen Technologies is currently ahead of Astra Microwave and Paras Defence in terms of market capitalization. Although Bharat Dynamics worth is still far higher. Investors in ZENTEC NSE stock will be monitoring the company’s overall growth trajectory as well as other variables including government regulations. The union’s annual budget allocation. And the critical movement of other Indian defence industry businesses.
  • Zen Technologies reported an increase in revenue of around 213% to Rs 2.19 billion for the fiscal year 2023. Compared to Rs 697.52 million for the previous year. Comparing the net income of ZENTEC NSE, a provider of combat training solutions, to that of FY2022, the previous year. There was a huge 2,052% increase. The corporation has increased by staggering margins on nearly all of its FY2023 financial metrics.


Based on its share price history, Zen Technologies has increased its stock price by over 500% on the National Stock Exchange, with the majority of this growth occurring in the last fifteen months. Zen Technologies’ stock adventure began in 2015 and is currently trading over the Rs 1,000 per share threshold on the stock exchange. It is listed under the NSE ZENTEC designation. The share price of Zen Technologies has had ups and downs during the course of the last nine years of trade, but until February 2023, it has been growing at a steady pace. Since then, the Defence Sector Stock has been rising rapidly and is expected to surpass a number of other milestones in the years to come.

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Zen Technologies Share Price Target


What is the NSE Zen Technologies Share Price Target 2024?

Zen Technologies aims to sell its shares for between Rs 1,465 and Rs 750 by 2024.

What is the Zen Technologies Share Price Target 2025?

The 2025 share price target for Zen Technologies is between Rs 2,094 and Rs 970.

What is the Zen Technologies Share Price Target 2026?

The 2026 share price target for Zen Technologies is expect to range from Rs 2,633 to Rs 1,458.

What is the Zen Technologies Share Price Target 2027?

The 2027 share price target for Zen Technologies is set between Rs 3,242 and Rs 1,672.

What is the NSE Zen Technologies Share Price Target  2030?

It is anticipate that Zen Technologies’ share price target for 2030 will stay between Rs 5,007 and Rs 2,261.

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