When is Mother’s Day 2024: Date, History, Significance, Quotes, Images And More

When is Mother’s Day 2024: With Mother’s Day 2024 around the corner (May 12), here are some gift and celebration ideas that will make her feel special. Mother’s Day is observed worldwide every year on the second Sunday of May. It is a special day dedicated to showing appreciation for our mothers’ boundless love, sacrifices, and hard work. In 2024, Mother’s Day will fall on Sunday, May 12th.

When is Mother’s Day 2024

Mother’s Day 2024 Date and History Mother’s Day is a worldwide observance dedicated to celebrating mothers and motherly figures, acknowledging their sacrifices and priceless contributions to their families and communities. This occasion is a sincere homage to motherhood and the significant impact mothers have on our existence, providing an opportunity to contemplate the ceaseless dedication and steadfast love of mothers who wholeheartedly commit to nurturing and caring for their dear ones.

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Mother’s Day Dates 2024, 2025, 2026 To 2027

When is Mother’s Day Date: 2024 Sunday, May 12, 2025 Sunday, May 11, 2026 Sunday, May 10, 2027 Sunday, May 9.


Mother’s Day


Sunday, May 12


Sunday, May 11


Sunday, May 10


Sunday, May 9

Mother’s Day 2024: Date and History

International Mother’s Day doesn’t have any fixed date and is usually observed on the second Sunday of May each year, with no fixed date. This year, in 2024, it will be celebrated on May 12, Sunday. The modern Mother’s Day holiday, established by Anna Jarvis in the early 20th century to honor her mother’s humanitarian efforts, is now celebrated worldwide. President Woodrow Wilson designated the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day in the US in 1914, a tradition that spread to other nations. This date was selected to coincide with ancient Greek and Roman spring festivals dedicated to mothers and motherhood.

Mother’s Day 2024: Significance and Celebrations

Mother’s Day is important for recognizing the powerful influence mothers have on their children by instilling values, offering support, and fostering development. This day honors the selfless love and dedication of mothers who play a vital role in shaping families and society, with people worldwide celebrating in various ways to show love and gratitude for maternal figures. Celebrations range from heartfelt gestures such as handmade cards and gifts to elaborate family get-togethers and special outings, showcasing diverse cultural traditions.

On Mother’s Day in India, families unite to pay tribute to the crucial role mothers play, recognizing their selfless love and sacrifices. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, children often give flowers and cards to show affection to their mothers. In Japan, carnations represent love and appreciation for mothers, while Ethiopian families gather for elaborate feasts. Mexicans show their appreciation for mothers through serenades and poetry, and in Nepal, they observe a special religious festival named Mata Tirtha Aunsi. Despite the diverse customs, the essence of Mother’s Day remains the same worldwide: a time to appreciate and recognize the significant influence mothers and maternal figures have in our lives. Happy Mother’s Day 2024!

When is Mother’s Day 2024 Images

When is Mother’s Day

When is Mother’s Day 2024 Images

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

  • Customized Photo Album or Frame: Create a photo album filled with family memories or select a beautiful picture frame for a cherished photo.
  • Plant or Flowers: A potted plant or a bouquet of her favorite flowers can brighten up her day.
  • Cookware or Kitchen Gadgets: Upgrade her kitchen with high-quality cookware, a new blender, or unique kitchen gadgets.
  • Cook a Special Meal: Prepare her favorite meal or bake some delicious treats to share a homemade meal together.
  • Personalized Jewelry: Engraved necklaces, bracelets, or rings with her initials, birthstone, or a special date can be a meaningful and cherished gift.
  • Gift Cards: Make her day special with a beautiful card with a thankful message and Notice the smile on her face.

Mother’s Day Quotes

The following are some captions and quotes for mother’s day to wishing your mother in a very beautiful manner.

Celebrating the queen of our hearts on this special day. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! #MothersDay #MomLove

To the one who taught us love, kindness, and strength, Happy Mother’s Day! #BestMomEver #MothersDay

Behind every great family, there’s an amazing mom. Today, we honor you! #SuperMom #MothersDay

A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go

Life doesn’t come with a manual; it comes with a mother

10 Ways to Celebrate Mothers Day in 2024

Here are some great ways to create a memorable Mother’s Day. Celebrating Mother’s Day in these ways will assist you in making the day memorable.

  1. Cook her favourite dish: Try to cook a dish for her to make her smile and taste the food cooked by their kids. , the effort you put into preparing her favorite dish will surely make her feel loved and appreciated on Mothers Day.
  2. Give her Flowers : A bouquet of fresh, vibrant flowers is not just a beautiful gift but also a symbol of the beauty and warmth she brings into your life.
  3. Give her Customized Coffee mugs or pillow: Try to give her a customized coffee mug or pillow to make her feel special and treat this day as a memorable day.
  4. take her out for a movie date: If you will take her out for a movie she will feel refresh from a busy kitchen life, and have some own time.
  5. Make a blog or creative video for her: Make a beautiful and thankful video for her and tell her the feeling you have for her.
  6. Plan a Picnic with her: Mothers have a very busy life in their Kitchen. So try to plan a holiday or picnic with her to spend some feelings with your mother and
  7. Make something special for her by yourself: Try to make a photo-frame or something by yourself to amaze her by your art skills.
  8. Give her a beautiful card: Give her a beautiful card to give her a message about how much she is important for you.
  9. Spend whole day with her: If you spend the day with her, she will feel good, because mothers want to spend the day with their children, this is the biggest gift for her.
  10. take her out for a lunch or dinner date: Try to take her out for a lunch or dinner date to spend some time with her. form a busy hectic days, try to give her a day of yours, she just need this special time.

Mothers Day 2024 – FAQs

When is mothers day in 2024?

Mother’s Day will be observed on the second Sunday of May, which falls on the 12th of May.

Is Mother’s Day International day?

Mother’s Day is observed on the second Sunday of May worldwide.

Is there Mother’s Day in India?

Mother’s Day in India is commemorated on the second Sunday of May annually to appreciate and honor mothers for their unconditional love and sacrifices. In 2024, Mother’s Day falls on the 12th of May.

What is history of mother’s day?

Anna Jarvis observed the second Sunday of May in 1907 in honor of her mother, leading to the establishment of Mother’s Day.

Is Mother’s Day celebrated twice?

Mother’s Day is not observed twice a year; rather, it is celebrated on various dates around the world. For instance, in the USA, Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May. Arab countries mark Mother’s Day on March 21st, and in East European countries, it is celebrated on March 8th.

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