What is The Full Form of UHID? Guide To UHID Number

As per the Digital India Initiatives, the Government of India (GoI) incorporated the UHID into the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission. The goal of this effort is to unite all Indians within a digital health network, offering a unified system for managing their health information. Obtain your UHID number here.

What is The Full Form of UHID?

UHID stands for Unique Health Identification Number. It is a unique identifier assigned to an individual for the purpose of tracking their medical records and health information.

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What is the UHID Number?

The Unique Health Identification (UHID) system, introduced by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), assigns a 14-digit randomly generated number to patients during their initial visit to facilitate the management of their medical records. This identifier serves as a means to track the patient’s medical history and progress during their hospital stay, streamlining access and updates for healthcare providers. With the patient’s consent, the UHID number can be utilized to review health records efficiently.

Why is Linking UHID & Aadhar Necessary?

In 2016, AIIMS requested the government to integrate the UHID and Aadhar systems to enable centralized storage of patient health records. This integration would solve the issue of varying UHID numbers across hospitals and provide a universal health record accessible through Aadhar. Consequently, healthcare providers could efficiently transfer and access patient medical data, ensuring doctors have the most recent information available.

What are the Benefits of UHID?

The ABHA Health ID Card, formerly known as UHID, is essential for monitoring a patient’s progress at the hospital. It contains crucial details such as appointment times, areas visited, test outcomes, and medical procedures. This data aids physicians in creating a thorough medical history for the patient, reducing errors, enhancing care, and preventing unnecessary procedures. Patients benefit from this card by accessing medical records swiftly, sharing information with healthcare providers using the PHR address, and improving healthcare access in different settings.

The ABHA Health ID card offers access to the Healthcare Professional Registry and the Health Facility Registry, simplifying the process for patients to locate and communicate with healthcare providers and facilities. Moreover, it is accepted at AYUSH treatment centers and proves valuable in times of pandemics such as COVID-19, enabling healthcare providers to review a person’s past treatments and vaccination history.

Why Personal Health Record PHR is Important?

A Personal Health Record (PHR) is a digital document or software application that stores an individual’s health information, serving as an electronic version of their paper-based medical record. PHR apps allow users to manage and store their health information securely online, accessible to both the individual and authorized healthcare providers. This information typically includes medical history, medication records, allergies, laboratory results, and more. The popularity of PHRs is increasing due to their convenience in enhancing communication between patients and healthcare providers. Centralizing health information enables individuals to better comprehend their health status, make informed care decisions, and enhance overall health outcomes. Moreover, PHRs aid in coordinating care among multiple healthcare providers, reducing errors and enhancing the quality of care provided.

How to Download UHID Card?

Obtaining the UHID card is akin to acquiring the ABHA Health ID card, as it can be accomplished via a mobile app or website.

Is UHID & ABHA same?

The UHID was initially established by AIIMS. In 2021, the Indian government assumed responsibility for the UHID initiative, integrating it into the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, with the goal of establishing a cohesive digital healthcare system for all citizens. As a result, the UHID and ABHA health ID cards are essentially equivalent.

How can I link my Aadhaar card with UHID?

Visit the online portal of Ayushman Bharat Health Account and create your UHID through your Aadhar or driving license number. You can also register for UHID through a mobile number if you do not want to share Aadhar or driving license details. Use the OTP received on your mobile number for authentication.

What is The Full Form of UHID

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