Facebook And Instagram down globally 2024

Facebook And Instagram services restored after global outage, says Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has confirmed that services have been fully restored after a global outage. The disruption impacted millions of users’ ability to use both platforms. Andy Stone, Communications Director at Meta, issued an apology for the inconvenience caused and assured users that the technical issue had been promptly resolved. The global outage affected users worldwide, causing issues with accessing Facebook and Instagram. Users who depend on the platforms for communication, networking, and entertainment were frustrated by the sudden disruption.

Facebook And Instagram down globally

Facebook, Instagram down globally, users complain of being logged out Meta’s Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and Threads encounter server problems as users report issues with page loading. Meta faces extensive service interruptions globally on Tuesday. Downdetector, a website that tracks outages, has recorded over 3,00,000 Facebook outages and over 47,000 outage reports for Instagram worldwide.

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“We acknowledge that individuals are experiencing difficulties accessing our services. We are currently addressing this matter,” stated Andy Stone, a spokesperson from Meta, in a social media post. In a subsequent update, Stone confirmed that the problem had been resolved. “A technical glitch earlier today led to challenges in accessing certain services. We promptly rectified the issue for all affected users and extend our apologies for any inconvenience caused,” Stone remarked.

Instagram, Facebook, Meta And Messenger not working

Around 8:56 pm, users encountered problems with loading content on their feeds. Difficulties with the app, login, and content uploading were reported. Netblocks, a London-based internet monitoring firm, also noted on X that four Meta platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Threads, were experiencing outages linked to login sessions across various countries.

WhatsApp also affected

Meta’s status dashboard showed that the WhatsApp Business application programming interface (API) was encountering problems as well. Downdetector, a service that monitors outages by collecting status updates from multiple sources, including users, registered around 200 outage reports for WhatsApp.

Meta outage trending on X (Twitter)

The Meta service disruption rapidly gained popularity on X, previously known as Twitter, as many users experienced unexpected logouts from Meta-owned social networking sites. “Cyberattack,” “Mark Zuckerberg,” and “Instagram Facebook Down” were among the most popular trending topics.

Elon Musk reacts to Instagram And Facebook outage

Elon Musk, the CEO of X, also responded to the Instagram and Facebook outage with a mysterious tweet. While Musk’s platform continued to function smoothly and users turned to report problems on Meta platforms, the CEO acted quickly to highlight the “superiority” of his platform. “If you’re seeing this message, it’s because our servers are up and running,” he stated in a separate post.

Facebook & Instagram back

Facebook and Instagram back online after hour-long outage, some YouTube users also suffer sign-in issues Several users had reported that Instagram and Facebook were not working for them. The outage lasted for an hour, after which both social media apps began working normally. A few users also reported sign-in issues with YouTube.

Facebook and Instagram: In Short

  • Instagram and Facebook are down for users across the world.
  • Users are sharing their experiences on X.
  • Elon Musk also mocked Meta over the outage.

On Tuesday night, Facebook, Instagram and Threads users reported that they couldn’t access the social media apps. Meta Quest users too had issues logging in to their headsets. The outage lasted for about an hour, and now, all apps are working normally.

When the apps had suffered the outage, Elon Musk’s X was flooded with posts from people who were affected. Musk himself also reacted to the outage, mocking his competitor. On the other hand, some YouTube users had also reported an error in the app, saying that they were having issues logging in.

Facebook, Instagram back after an hour-long outage

Facebook, Instagram, and Threads have all been restored after an outage lasting approximately an hour. Facebook was the first to resume service, with Instagram and Threads following suit. Meta Quest users can now access their accounts again. Meanwhile, certain YouTube users encountered errors, but clicking the “Retry” button appeared to resolve the issue for some. The team acknowledged user complaints and stated that they were addressing the problem.

Facebook And Instagram down globally 2024 Images

Facebook, Instagram down

Facebook, Instagram down globally

When Instagram & Facebook stopped working

During the outage, users reported experiencing “failure to load” error pages on Instagram and Facebook. Some mentioned that they could still view older stories on Instagram despite the error, while many Facebook accounts were logged out. Following the social media apps’ malfunction, users started recounting their experiences on X. One user posted a video of people on an escalator, commenting, “When you realize both Facebook and Instagram are down, and everyone is flocking to X.” A different Facebook user expressed concern, asking, “Has Facebook logged anyone else out and showing errors when attempting to log back in? It always worries me that someone has hacked it.”

Some individuals found humor in the outage situation, while others became concerned upon being unexpectedly unable to access their accounts. A number of users panicked, fearing they had fallen victim to hacking or a cyberattack. However, their anxiety eased upon learning that the apps were experiencing technical difficulties rather than a security breach. Expressing relief at discovering his account’s safety, a user shared, “After confirming on Twitter that Meta is experiencing downtime, I realized I haven’t been hacked, as my Instagram fails to load and my Facebook session was logged out.”

Elon Musk, like always, joined in on the trend of memes and made fun of his rival. He mentioned in a tweet that X servers were functioning perfectly, and jokingly noted his understanding of why users on Twitter were discussing services facing downtime. In response to the service interruption, Meta acknowledged the problem in a statement, saying, “We understand that individuals are encountering difficulties in accessing our services. Our team at Meta is currently addressing this issue.”

User relief

After services were restored, users conveyed their relief and thankfulness for the prompt resolution of the issue. Numerous users utilized social media to recount their experiences and show gratitude for Meta’s timely intervention.

Login problems and feed refresh issues

Various problems were reported by users, including getting logged out of their Facebook accounts and facing difficulty logging back in. Instagram users also had trouble refreshing their feeds, with some individuals unable to load stories and comments. Threads, a Meta-developed app, is currently down and showing an error message when opened.

Rapid surge in reports

Reports on DownDetector, a site that monitors internet service disruptions, experienced a sharp increase for all three platforms after the problem started. Despite numerous user complaints, Meta has not yet addressed the issue publicly.

Meta acknowledges service disruption through spokesperson’s tweet

Andy Stone recently addressed the challenges users are experiencing in accessing the company’s services on Twitter. Stone recognized the issue and mentioned that they are currently working on resolving it. This response follows multiple user reports of difficulties accessing Meta-owned platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, which have caused inconvenience and worry among users.

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