Patel Engineering Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2030 To 2040

Patel Engineering Share Price Target In the construction and engineering sectors, Patel Engineering is a well-known brand that has played a significant role in infrastructure development for many years. Patel Engineering is a company that has a proven track record of constructing dams, bridges, tunnels, and other essential infrastructure. Due to the company’s share price and overall performance in the market, analysts and investors have recently shown interest in it. This article examines the latest developments at Patel Engineering, assesses the company’s financial status, and forecasts future movements in its share price. Target Price for Patel Engineering Shares.

Patel Engineering Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2030 To 2040

Patel Engineering Share Price Target 2024 ₹91, 2025 ₹121, 2026 ₹162, 2027 ₹214, 2028 ₹287, 2029 ₹368, 2030 ₹482, To 2040 ₹1423.

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What Is Patel Engineering Ltd

Patel Engineering Ltd. (PEL), a prominent provider of building and infrastructure services in India, was founded in 1949. Mumbai, India is home to their main office. Experts in civil engineering and construction, Business Focus specializes in projects involving roads, railroads, tunnels, dams, and hydropower. Our knowledge is extensive and includes everything from microtunnelling and real estate projects to dams and bridges. They have more than 250 completed projects under their belt and a solid track record in the field. PEL is well-known in a number of high-margin, high-tech industries, such as irrigation, tunneling, hydropower, and urban infrastructure.

Financial Data Analysis Of Patel Engineering Ltd.

Company NamePatel Engineering Ltd.
SectorHydro-Electric Projects, Transportation Projects, Malls and Structures
EstablishedIn 1949
HeadquartersIn Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
CEOMr.  Rupen Patel
FounderMr.  Rupen Patel
ProductsIndustrial Structural Products, Rolling Shutter, Commercial Garbage Containers
Market Cap₹ 5,808 Cr.
52 Week High₹ 79
52 Week Low₹ 29.30
PE Ratio26.20
ROE7.34 %
ROCE13.90 %
Dividend Yield0.00 %
Debt to Equity0.61 %
Face Value₹ 1
CategoryStock Market

Patel Engineering Share Price Target 2024 To 2040 Forecast

Patel Engineering Share Price in 2024₹91
Patel Engineering Share Price in 2025₹121
Patel Engineering Share Price in 2026₹162
Patel Engineering Share Price in 2027₹214
Patel Engineering Share Price in 2028₹287
Patel Engineering Share Price in 2029₹368
Patel Engineering Share Price in 2030₹482
Patel Engineering Share Price in 2040₹1423

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Patel Engineering Share Price Target 2024

Notable contract wins and expansion for Patel Engineering Limited point to a bright future for the company. One of the highlights was the joint venture with other businesses that was successful in obtaining a sizable contract from NHPC Limited for the Dibang Multipurpose Project, valued at INR 3,638 crore. This project broadens Patel Engineering’s offering in the infrastructure sector by constructing civil works for Lot-4.

Patel Engineering Share Price June 2024₹70.63
Patel Engineering Share Price July 2024₹74.55
Patel Engineering Share Price August 2024₹79.31
Patel Engineering Share Price September 2024₹83.58
Patel Engineering Share Price October 2024₹87.56
Patel Engineering Share Price November 2024₹89.12
Patel Engineering Share Price December 2024₹91.70

Patel Engineering Share Price Target 2025

Throughout the year, the company’s financial performance remained solid. Sales for Patel Engineering increased to INR 11,186.20 million in the first quarter of 2023 from INR 9,011.18 million in the same time the previous year. This quarter, their net income was INR 434.12 million, up from INR 368.23 million in 2022. The third quarter saw sales of INR 10,610.55 million, up from INR 9,546.33 million during the same period the previous year. Net income also climbed, rising from INR 229.89 million to INR 688.39 million. The third quarter saw this growth tendency continue.

Patel Engineering Share Price January 2025₹94.22
Patel Engineering Share Price February 2025₹97.20
Patel Engineering Share Price March 2025₹100.46
Patel Engineering Share Price April 2025₹103.50
Patel Engineering Share Price May 2025₹108.30
Patel Engineering Share Price June 2025₹111.44
Patel Engineering Share Price July 2025₹114.89
Patel Engineering Share Price August 2025₹117.28
Patel Engineering Share Price September 2025₹113.36
Patel Engineering Share Price October 2025₹116.92
Patel Engineering Share Price November 2025₹119.13
Patel Engineering Share Price December 2025₹121.10

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Patel Engineering Share Price Target 2026

Patel Engineering’s future focus is to increase its market share in the infrastructure and construction sectors. The company has a well-defined strategy plan to capitalize on India’s growing infrastructure needs. It specializes on large-scale civil works and hydropower projects. In order to do this, one must actively participate in more joint ventures and sign contracts with clients in the public and private sectors. By identifying new revenue streams and optimizing processes, Patel Engineering also hopes to boost business expansion and financial stability.

Patel Engineering Share Price January 2026₹125.32
Patel Engineering Share Price February 2026₹129.87
Patel Engineering Share Price March 2026₹133.43
Patel Engineering Share Price April 2026₹136.77
Patel Engineering Share Price May 2026₹140.12
Patel Engineering Share Price June 2026₹144.35
Patel Engineering Share Price July 2026₹148.11
Patel Engineering Share Price August 2026₹150.32
Patel Engineering Share Price September 2026₹154.88
Patel Engineering Share Price October 2026₹156.20
Patel Engineering Share Price November 2026₹157.90
Patel Engineering Share Price December 2026₹162.44

Patel Engineering Share Price Target 2028

Informatics recently raised the company’s long-term debt financing rating to A-, highlighting its strong financial position and encouraging outlook. This enhanced rating will undoubtedly result in more investments, which will strengthen Patel Engineering’s capacity to take on and finish large projects.

Patel Engineering Share Price January 2028₹221.43
Patel Engineering Share Price February 2028₹228.87
Patel Engineering Share Price March 2028₹235.12
Patel Engineering Share Price April 2028₹239.90
Patel Engineering Share Price May 2028₹245.26
Patel Engineering Share Price June 2028₹249.55
Patel Engineering Share Price July 2028₹254.43
Patel Engineering Share Price August 2028₹260.86
Patel Engineering Share Price September 2028₹267.43
Patel Engineering Share Price October 2028₹273.36
Patel Engineering Share Price November 2028₹278.23
Patel Engineering Share Price December 2028₹287.10

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Patel Engineering Share Price Target 2030

Patel Engineering Share Price January 2030₹373.65
Patel Engineering Share Price February 2030₹379.32
Patel Engineering Share Price March 2030₹385.77
Patel Engineering Share Price April 2030₹391.40
Patel Engineering Share Price May 2030₹397.56
Patel Engineering Share Price June 2030₹403.22
Patel Engineering Share Price July 2030₹408.80
Patel Engineering Share Price August 2030₹416.55
Patel Engineering Share Price September 2030₹423.61
Patel Engineering Share Price October 2030₹434.72
Patel Engineering Share Price November 2030₹465.89
Patel Engineering Share Price December 2030₹481.76

Patel Engineering Share Price Target 2040

Mid-Year Target₹1310
YearEnd Target₹1423

Overview About Patel Engineering Ltd

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Patel Engineering’s Current Developments

Financial Performance: The financial performance of Patel Engineering has shown resiliency in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic’s challenges. The company’s recent quarters have seen steady revenue growth, driven by an increase in project completions and new contract acquisitions. In the most recent quarter, the company’s revenue was over INR 1,200 crore, and its net profit margin showed improvement.

New Contracts and Projects: One of the main drivers of Patel Engineering’s growth is its ability to win new contracts. Recently, the company has won several high-value projects, including a major dam construction project in Andhra Pradesh and a sizeable tunnelling project in Himachal Pradesh. These contracts increase the company’s earnings and strengthen its position in the industry.

Debt Management: Investors have expressed concern regarding Patel Engineering’s historical heavy debt load. Nonetheless, the business has restructured and reduced its debt with significant success. Patel Engineering has reduced its debt-to-equity ratio, an indication of strength in its finances, by selling assets that are not essential and enhancing operational effectiveness.

Strategic Partnerships and Joint Ventures: Patel Engineering has formed joint ventures and strategic alliances with foreign companies in order to improve its capabilities and broaden its market reach. It is anticipated that these partnerships would provide cutting edge technology and knowledge, setting the business up for success in upcoming initiatives.

Stock Market Performance: Over the past year, Patel Engineering’s stock has fluctuated, reflecting both industry-specific challenges and broader market trends. Nevertheless, the company’s improved project pipeline and financial performance appear to be boosting investor confidence, as indicated by the stock price’s recent upward trend.

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Future Prospects and Share Price Forecast

Infrastructure Boom: India’s infrastructure sector is predicted to grow significantly as a result of the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP), other government initiatives, and rising funding allocations. An important player in this sector, Patel Engineering, stands to gain from the rise in infrastructure projects. Prices may increase when well-managed projects are combined with a strong order book. This gives investors greater confidence. This should increase the company’s sales and profitability and possibly drive up the share price.

Technological Advancements: By utilizing innovative construction technology and sustainable practices, Patel Engineering can save costs and enhance project execution. This strategy emphasis on innovation has the potential to increase the share price by boosting margins and attracting more high-value contracts.

Debt Reduction Initiatives: For Patel Engineering, it will be essential to keep working to lower debt. In addition to lowering financial risk, a stronger balance sheet will boost investor confidence and might even cause the stock price to rise. Important considerations will be Patel Engineering’s financial situation, including profitability, debt levels, and potential for future earnings.

Market Sentiment and Analyst Ratings: The dynamics of Patel Engineering’s share price are significantly influenced by how investors and market analysts see the company. A company’s performance and strategic ambitions can generate positive analyst ratings, which in turn can drive up buying interest and the price of the stock.

Global Economic Factors: The share price of Patel Engineering may be impacted by changes in the global economic climate, such as interest rates, commodity prices, and geopolitical developments. Higher infrastructure spending and project investments will be supported by a steady and favorable global economic outlook, which will improve the company’s financial performance and stock price.

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Investors Types And Ratio Of Patel Engineering Ltd.

Promoters Holding36.11 %
Public Holding49.02 %
FII8.47 %
DII6.38 %

Competitors of Patel Engineering Ltd.

  • NCC Limited (Nagarjuna Construction Company)
  • KEC International Ltd
  • Ircon International Ltd
  • Hindustan Construction Company (HCC)
  • GMR Infrastructure Limited

How To Purchase Patel Engineering Ltd. Share?

  • Zerodha
  • Angel One

Advantages and Disadvantages of Patel Engineering Ltd.


Strong Experience and Reputation: Patel Engineering has extensive experience in the construction and infrastructure sectors, having worked on projects involving bridges, tunnels, urban infrastructure, dams, and more. The company’s technological know-how and ability to handle difficult tasks provide it a competitive edge.

Diversified Portfolio: Expertise in hydropower, roads, railroads, tunnels, irrigation, and even real estate development.

Market Leader: Holds a prominent position in high-margin sectors like hydropower, tunnelling, and irrigation. Patel Engineering is well-known in the construction sector for its dependability and quality work. This reputation aids in drawing in new customers and gaining the loyalty of current ones. Recent acquisitions and partnerships have the potential to expand their reach and capabilities.

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Limited Sector Focus: 90% of their order book is concentrated in hydropower, irrigation, and tunnelling, making them vulnerable to downturns in these sectors.

Competition: The construction industry is highly competitive, putting pressure on margins and profitability. Patel Engineering has made attempts to lower its debt, but company still has an enormous debt load. Excessive debt can put a strain on finances and reduce profitability.

Dependence on Government Policies: Government policies related to infrastructure development and hydropower projects can significantly impact PEL’s business. Large-scale infrastructure projects have intrinsic complexity and are subject to execution risks, including technical difficulties, delays in the project, and cost overruns. Sustaining profitability and client satisfaction necessitates the use of effective project management and risk mitigation measures.


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Patel Engineering Share Price Target Images

Patel Engineering Share Price Target


What is the target price of Patel Engineering?

The Target price for Patel Engineering Limited (PENG) fluctuates according to the assessments of various experts. Based on the company’s current performance and strategic efforts, the consensus target price as of right now is between ₹95 and ₹100 per share, indicating a good outlook.

What is the target price of Patel Engineering in 2025?

Analysts predict that PATELENG will trade at a price target of 110.00 INR, with a maximum and minimum estimate of 121.00 INR.

What is the Scope of Patel Engineering?

Patel Engineering Limited, one of the leading civil construction companies in India, is involved in a variety of business endeavors. Due to its extensive experience and technological know-how, Patel Engineering is capable of managing difficult and large-scale projects both locally and internationally. The organization’s commitment to quality, timely execution, and innovation has helped it establish itself as a dependable player in the infrastructure sector.

Should I buy Patel engineering?

Patel Engineering Ltd.’s share price is classified as a “Buy” long-term investment by analysts.

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