NMDC Steel Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2028 To 2030

NMDC Steel Share Price Target Not so long ago, NMDC Steel Ltd. went public on the stock exchange and has been trading continuously over fifty rupees since mid-December 2023. The stock has seen ups and downs, but it has also probably benefited very few investors who have invested in it through the exchange. The Government of India owns 60.8% of NMDC Steel Limited, a corporation that is under the purview of the Ministry of Steel. The quarterly financial statistics of NMDC Steel will be examined for you in this article, along with a projection for the share price by 2025.

NMDC Steel Latest News

The price of NMDC Steel shares. The stock exchange is currently down 1.89%, not a huge amount. During the last six months of trading on the National Stock Exchange, NSL NISP NSE stock has performed well for its investors despite being a newcomer to the stock market. In order to make green steel a reality and to develop a technology that would allow low-grade iron ore mines to be directly utilised in the ironmaking process, NMDC Steel Ltd. and the University of Hyderabad signed a contract earlier in March. Aside from this, the agreement has focused on exploring other technical fields and creating a technology to mine waste utilisation.

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NMDC Steel Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2028 and 2030

NMDC Steel Share Price Target 2024 Rs 71.32, 2025 Rs 101.67, 2026 Rs 121.70, 2027 Rs 145.28, 2028 Rs 168.20, 2029 Rs 199.20, 2030 Rs 225.01.

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NMDC Steel Share Price Target 2024

Month (2024) Maximum Target MinimumTarget
May Rs 66.72 Rs 52.21
June Rs 73.70 Rs 51.60
July Rs 79.80 Rs 51.21
August Rs 81.89 Rs 61.22
September Rs 87.89 Rs 61.35
October Rs 91.90 Rs 61.30
November Rs 98.00 Rs 61.31
December Rs 109.01 Rs 71.32

NMDC Steel Share Price Target 2025

Month (2025) Maximum Target MinimumTarget
January Rs 116.11 Rs 71.48
February Rs 126.22 Rs 81.42
March Rs 132.22 Rs 81.46
April Rs 139.33 Rs 81.44
May Rs 145.14 Rs 91.55
June Rs 157.44 Rs 91.55
July Rs 163.54 Rs 91.55
August Rs 168.65 Rs 91.56
September Rs 175.65 Rs 101.66
October Rs 186.76 Rs 101.66
November Rs 194.86 Rs 101.67
December Rs 200.87 Rs 101.67

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NMDC Steel Share Price Target 2026 – 2030

Year Maximum Target Minimum Target
2026 Rs 295.03 Rs 121.70
2027 Rs 386.04 Rs 145.28
2028 Rs 475.49 Rs 168.20
2029 Rs 568.25 Rs 199.20
2030 Rs 695.00 Rs 225.01

NMDC Steel Market Capitalisation: 18,272.33 Crores INR

NMDC Steel Reserves and Borrowings: 22,039.24 Cr INR and 0.00 Cr INR (March 2023) Respectively

NMDC Steel 52 Week High-Low: Rs 73.25 – Rs 36.10

NMDC Steel Ltd Financials Q4 FY23

Revenue 9.26 Billion INR
Operating expense 7.17 Billion INR
Net Income -5.68 Million INR
Net Profit Margin -61.39
Earnings Per Share
EBITDA -5.98 Billion INR
Effective Tax Rate 24.54%
Total Assets
Total Equity 169.17 Billion INR
Return on assets
Return on Capital -7.18%
P/E Ratio
Dividend Yield

NMDC Steel LTD Competitors (Market Cap: 18,272.24 crores INR)

  • JSW Steel Market Cap: 215,737.95 crores INR
  • Tata Steel Market Cap: 205,978.27 crores INR
  • Hindalco Market Cap: 144,810.63 crores INR
  • Jindal Steel Market Cap: 94,832.49 crores INR

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NMDC Steel Share Price Target Informations

  • NMDC Steel is a relatively new stock on the market when compared to the titans of the steel industry listed on stock exchanges. Even yet, given its incorporation date of 2021, NMDC Steel Ltd’s market capitalization is already competitive with well-established major competitors like TATA Steel, JSW Steel, and Hindalco. With a market capitalization of more than Rs 18,000 crores, NMDC Steel is poised to reach even greater heights. The NFL ISP company’s main goal right now is to increase its market value to around Rs 50,000 crores. It would not be simple for NMDC Steel Ltd to move up the corporate ladder in terms of both operational effectiveness and business expansion, though, given the fierce rivalry in India’s steel industry.
  • According to a statement made by Chairman and MD of NMDC Steel, Amitva Mukherjee, the steel maker company is anticipated to break even as early as Q1, FY25. In January 2024, NMDC Steel Ltd. underwent a ramp-up expansion to reach one lakh tonne. Compared to its prior capacity of roughly 63,000 to 65,000 tonnes, this represents an almost 50% increase. The target is to produce about 5,000 coils every day, as that volume will allow the business to break even.
  • According to NMDC’s quarterly reports, revenue in Q4 of FY23 was Rs 9.26 billion, while it was Rs 2.77 billion in Q3 of FY23. NMDC Steel’s revenue for Q2 of FY23 was $1.39 billion. This suggests that the company that produces steel is growing at a healthy rate. The real tale, though, is seen in its net income for these quarters. Although growing, NMDC Steel’s net income has been declining; in Q2 FY23, it was Rs -655.50 million; in Q3 FY23, it was Rs -1.31 billion; and in Q4 FY23, it was Rs -5.68 billion.
  • The steel manufacturer NMDC Steel India has had difficulties over the last four quarters, as seen by its quarterly results. It has, nevertheless, indicated a significant upward shift. Results for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2023 show that NMDC Steel India Limited’s net income increased 100% year over year to Rs 2.09 million, from Rs -36.48 million at the beginning of the period. The operational efficiency of this steel company during the quarter is indicated by this.

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NMDC Steel Share Price Target


What is the NSE NMDC Steel Share Price Target 2024?

The target price for NMDC Steel’s shares in 2024 is between Rs 52 to Rs 109.

What is the NMDC Steel Share Price Target 2025?

The target price range for NMDC Steel’s shares by 2025 is Rs 71–200.

What is the NMDC Steel Share Price Target 2026?

The target price for NMDC Steel’s shares in 2026 is expect to range from Rs 295 to Rs 121.

What is the NMDC Steel Share Price Target 2027?

The target price for NMDC Steel’s shares in 2027 is set at Rs 145–386.

What is the NMDC Steel Share Price Prediction 2030?

It is estimate that the price of NMDC Steel shares will stay between Rs. 695 and Rs. 225 in 2030.

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