How has Adani Group performed in 5 years?

How has Adani Group performed in 5 years? Billionaire Gautam Adani’s Adani group has experienced significant profit growth in the financial year 2023-24 (FY24). The group consists of 10 publicly traded companies engaged in various sectors such as infrastructure, cement, energy, and media. According to data from ACE Equity, the Adani Group has achieved a record profit after tax (PAT) of Rs 42,396 crore in FY24 across its 10 companies. The group’s consolidated revenue stands at Rs 3.09 lakh crore, with tax payments amounting to Rs 6,482 crore in FY24. Over the past five years, the Adani group has seen a remarkable increase in both revenue and profit.

Gross Sales:

In terms of revenue, Adani Enterprises leads the Adani Group with gross sales of Rs 96,421 crore in FY24. Following closely are Adani Wilmar (Rs 51,262 crore), Adani Power (Rs 50,351 crore), and Ambuja Cements, which generated Rs 33,160 crore in revenue. The total revenue for the Adani Group in FY24 amounts to Rs 3.09 lakh crore, showing a 12% decrease from the Rs 3.5 lakh crore recorded in FY23.

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Most profitable companies:

Adani Power is the most profitable company in the Adani group for FY24, with a profit after tax (PAT) of Rs 20,829 crore. Following closely is Adani Ports with a PAT of Rs 8,266 crore, and Ambuja Cements with a profit of Rs 4,715 crore.

Profitability growth:

In the fiscal year 2024, 7 Adani companies have experienced a profit growth of up to 162%, with three companies showing a decrease in profitability. ACC, a cement manufacturer, saw the most significant profit increase of 162% in FY24, with its PAT rising to Rs 2,324 crore from Rs 885 crore in FY23. Adani Power’s profitability increased by 94% to Rs 20,829 crore from Rs 10,727 crore in FY23, followed by Ambuja Cements (56%) and Adani Ports (53%). Conversely, Adani Energy Solutions and Adani Wilmar saw profit declines of 6% and 69% respectively. NDTV, a recently acquired media company, reported a loss of Rs 22 crore in FY24 compared to a profit of Rs 53 crore in FY23, making it the sole loss-making entity within the Adani Group.

Adani Group’s total profit in the last five years has shown a significant increase. In FY24, the total profit from its 10 listed firms rose by 65% to Rs 42,396 crore compared to Rs 25,645 crore in FY23. Over the five-year period, the group’s profit surged by nearly 10 times or 969%, starting from Rs 3,966 crore in FY19. The acquisition of ACC, Ambuja Cement, and NDTV in FY23 contributed to the overall profits of the group, with profits from these three companies factored into the FY23 and FY24 numbers. Furthermore, revenues saw a substantial increase, rising by 168% to Rs 3.09 lakh crore in FY24 from Rs 1.15 lakh crore in FY19. Tax payments also experienced a significant surge, increasing by 299% to Rs 6,482 crore in FY24 from Rs 1625 crore in FY19.

Total profit of Adani Group in last 5 years:

In FY24, the total profit of Adani Group from its 10 listed firms surged 65% to Rs 42,396 crore from Rs 25,645 crore in FY23. In the last five years, the group profit has jumped nearly 10 times or 969%–from Rs 3,966 crore in FY19.

What are the achievements of Adani Group?

In 1998, it became the top net foreign exchange earner for India Inc. The company began coal trading in 1999, followed by a joint venture in edible oil refining in 2000 with the formation of Adani Wilmar. Adani handled 4 Mt of cargo at Mundra in 2002, becoming the largest private port in India.

How profitable is Adani Group?

The combined net profit of billionaire Gautam Adani-led Adani Group declined 11% year-on-year (YoY) in the March quarter of financial year 2023-24 (Q4FY24). The 10 listed companies together reported a consolidated net profit of Rs 8,055 crore in Q4 against Rs 9,093 crore in the same quarter last year.

Why is Adani Group so successful?

Adani’s success is partly due to his visionary approach to business diversification. From ports and logistics to energy, resources, agribusiness, and real estate, the Adani Group has expanded into a conglomerate with a global footprint.

Is it good to invest in Adani Group?

While each stock comes with its own set of risks and challenges, the overall performance and strategic direction of the Adani Group present compelling investment prospects for those looking to capitalize on India’s growth story.

Who is the biggest investor for Adani?

The list of large public shareholders — those directly holding at least 1 per cent — is now dominated by entities, such as the state-owned Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), US-based GQG Partners, Abu Dhabi-based International Holding Company, and Qatar Investment Authority’s INQ Holding.

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