GTLINFRA Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028 To 2030

GTLINFRA Share Price Target With its headquarters located in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, GTL Infra Limited is an Indian telecom infrastructure firm that was founded in 2004 by G Tirodkar and associates. 2010 saw GTL purchase 17.500 towers and 21,000 rentals from the Aircel Company, allowing GTL to supply its 2G, 3G, and 4G telecom infrastructure services throughout 22 circles. It is the leading provider of “shared passive telecom infrastructure space” in India, with more than 28,000 towers and 1075 staff members. Investors will learn everything they need to know about the GTL Infra Share Price Target for 2025 and beyond in this article. We will walk you through the key factors influencing the GTL Infra Share Price Predictions so you can make more informed stock exchange investment decisions.

GTL Infra Latest News

GTL Infra Share Price Today has not shown much flux on the stock exchange with its pricing varying between Rs 1.75 per share and Rs 1.80 per share. Penny stocks are much more gullible to risk and one must approach them cautiously before investment commitment. Over the past 30 days of trading, the GTL Infra Share has been fluctuating between Rs 1.60 per share and Rs 1.85 per share range. This exhibits no turmoil has been noticed for the Penny stock GLT Infra on the stock exchange. In a bit of dire news for GLT Infra Limited, the Central Bureau of Investigation has undertaken an inquiry blaming the Mumbai-based telecom infrastructure company for fraud worth Rs 4,063 cr.  Assuming the penny stock’s vulnerability on the stock exchange, such news reports against the stock’s company have long-term effects on investors.

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GTLINFRA Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028 To 2030 Year to Year


Maximum Target

Minimum Target


Rs 4.10

Rs 0.32


Rs 14.70

Rs 1.78


Rs 16.39

Rs 1.79


Rs 18.27

Rs 2.14


Rs 21.39

Rs 3.50


Rs 25.55

Rs 4.85


Rs 31.80

Rs 5.20

GTL Infra Share Price Target 2024

Month (2024)Maximum TargetMinimumTarget
JulyRs 2.80Rs 0.21
AugustRs 2.93Rs 0.23
SeptemberRs 3.97Rs 0.35
OctoberRs 3.05Rs 0.30
NovemberRs 3.08Rs 0.31
DecemberRs 4.10Rs 0.32

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GTL Infra Share Price Target 2025

Month (2025)Maximum TargetMinimumTarget
JanuaryRs 5.13Rs 0.38
FebruaryRs 6.21Rs 0.42
MarchRs 6.25Rs 0.56
AprilRs 7.33Rs 0.64
MayRs 7.35Rs 0.70
JuneRs 8.40Rs 0.94
JulyRs 9.49Rs 1.21
AugustRs 10.51Rs 1.48
SeptemberRs 12.57Rs 1.67
OctoberRs 12.65Rs 1.64
NovemberRs 13.63Rs 1.72
DecemberRs 14.70Rs 1.78

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GTL Infra Share Price Target 2026 to 2030

YearMaximum TargetMinimum Target
2026Rs 16.39Rs 1.79
2027Rs 18.27Rs 2.14
2028Rs 21.39Rs 3.50
2029Rs 25.55Rs 4.85
2030Rs 31.80Rs 5.20

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L&TFH: NSE Financials

GTL Infra Market Capitalisation: 2,241.23 Crores INR

Reserves and Borrowings: -17,459.75 Cr INR and 0.00 Cr INR (ML&Th 2023) Respectively

GTL Infra 52 Week High-Low: Rs 2.60 – Rs 0.70

GTL Infra Ltd Financials

Revenue14.58 Billion INR0.33% YOY
Operating expense6.81 Billion INR0.41% YOY
Net Income-18.17 Billion INR23.21% YOY
Net Profit Margin124.3223.62% YOY
Earnings Per Share
EBITDA3.78 Billion INR13.06% YOY
Effective Tax Rate
Total Assets42.71 Trillion INR23.11%  YOY
Total Liabilities88.12 Billion INR6.16%  YOY
Total Equity45.41 Billion INR
Return on assets-0.09%
Return on Capital-0.44%
P/E Ratio
Dividend Yield

GTL Infra LTD Competitors (Market Cap: 2,241.23 crores INR)

  • Indus Towers (Market Cap: 88,407.41 crores INR)
  • ITI (Market Cap: 25,252.11 crores INR)
  • HFCL (Market Cap: 14,265.63 crores INR)
  • Tejas Networks (Market Cap: 13,383.51 crores INR)

Points to consider before investing in GTL Infra NSE Stock

  • GTL Infra Limited is contending with other goliaths of the telecom infrastructure such as Indus Towers. ITI (Indian Telephone Industries), and HFCL (Hindustan Futuristic Communications Limited). GTL infra is smaller in valuation than its opponents and to attain a considerable market share of the telecom infrastructure sector in India, it needs to upscale its business growth trajectory.
  • The GLT Infra revenue growth rate has been repeatedly flat over the past few years and is toiling to move beyond INR 15 Billion revenue collection every year. GLT Infra Revenue 2023 dipped by -0.33 to Rs 14.58 Billion from its previous year’s (2022) revenue collection of Rs 14.63 Billion.
  • Its Revenue Collection in 2019 was at Rs 15.00 Billion but declined to Rs 14.17 Billion and Rs 14.10 Billion in 2020 and 2021, respectively.
  • However, the GTL Infra EBIDTA has been an approving trend for the telecom infrastructure company with an upbeat growth rate in the last three years’ annual report. GTL Infra EBIDTA 2023 was at Rs 3.78 Billion, from Rs 3.00 Billion in 2021.
  • GTL Infra Net Income tells investors the same disappointing report over the last five years of business for the company. GTL Infra Net Income detected a 23% drop to Rs -18.17 Billion in 2023, from the year 2022 of Rs -14.75 Billion.
  • Investors should keep the above elements of GTL Infra Limited in mind while investing in this penny stock on the stock exchange. Penny stocks may not be a great deal of investment move as a long-term investor. However, Short-term Investors should also take note of the high-risk factors that come with penny stocks.


The share price history of GTL Infra indicates a slight inflow of capital during its initial phase of trading on the National Stock Exchange. As of today, the price of a share of GTL Infra is Rs 1.75, down from its all-time high of Rs 99.35 on January 4, 2008. Up until June 2011, GTL Infra’s share price was more than Rs 20, but after that it was trading for less than Rs 20, making it a penny stock. This Indian telecom infrastructure company’s financial situation isn’t particularly promising, which could make investors less confident in the company’s stock. GTLINFRA NSE has experienced a 94.44% increase in trade over the last five years; nonetheless, the implications of.

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GTLINFRA Share Price Target


What is the NSE GTL Infra Share Price Target 2024?

GTL Infra Share Price Target 2025 is between Rs 14.70 and Rs 0.38.

What is the GTL Infra Share Price Target 2025?

GTL Infra Share Price Target 2025 is between Rs 14.70 and Rs 0.38.

What is the GTL Infra Share Price Target 2026?

GTL Infra Share Price Target for the year 2026 is between Rs 16.39 and Rs 1.79.

What is the GTL Infra Share Price Target 2027?

GTL Infra Share Price Target 2027 is between Rs 427  and Rs 215.

What is the GTL Infra Share Price Target 2028?

GTL Infra Share Price Target 2028 is between Rs 21.39 and Rs 3.50.

What is the GTL Infra Share Price Target 2029?

GTL Infra Share Price Target 2029 is between Rs 25.55 and Rs 4.85.

What is the NSE GTL Infra Share Price Target  2030?

GTL Infra Share Price Target 2030 is predicted to remain between Rs 31.80 and Rs 5.20.

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