Gennex Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026 To 2030 Our Informations

Gennex Share Price Target With a strong portfolio of goods spanning several categories for the healthcare sector, Gennex Laboratories has been producing pharmaceutical ingredients since 1995. IDA Bollaram, Telangana is home to the company’s production facility. With the hope of providing investors with improved chances, the stock of this healthcare sector company is currently trading below Rs 20 per share cap. In order to provide you with a clear picture of your investment potential on the share market block, this article will present the Gennex Share Price Target 2025 and beyond to investors. Additionally, Gennex Laboratories’ annual financial performance will be examined.

Gennex Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026 To 2030

Gennex Share Price Target 2024 Rs 15.62, 2025 Rs 21.00, 2026 Rs 25.78, 2027 Rs 29.34, 2028  Rs 32.67, 2029 Rs 35.89, To 2030Rs 38.09.

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Gennex Latest News

Gennex Share Price Today witnessed a slight increase of 0.26% against its previous close at Rs 18.87. The Healthcare sector penny stock has been on an uprise for the past one year and has been witnessing constant increases in its share prices on the stock exchange.

Gennex Share Price Target 2024

Month (2024) Maximum Target MinimumTarget
May Rs 20.55 Rs 12.10
June Rs 21.90 Rs 12.60
July Rs 22.23 Rs 13.09
August Rs 22.45 Rs 13.37
September Rs 23.67 Rs 14.23
October Rs 23.94 Rs 14.06
November Rs 24.23 Rs 15.56
December Rs 25.85 Rs 15.62

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Gennex Share Price Target 2025

Month (2025) Maximum Target MinimumTarget
January Rs 26.24 Rs 16.04
February Rs 26.58 Rs 16.67
March Rs 27.00 Rs 16.89
April Rs 27.67 Rs 17.12
May Rs 28.26 Rs 17.56
June Rs 29.80 Rs 18.90
July Rs 30.36 Rs 18.99
August Rs 31.09 Rs 19.38
September Rs 31.32 Rs 19.80
October Rs 33.06 Rs 20.36
November Rs 34.79 Rs 20.61
December Rs 35.90 Rs 21.00

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Gennex Share Price Target 2026 to 2030

Year Maximum Target Minimum Target
2026 Rs 47.43 Rs 25.78
2027 Rs 56.89 Rs 29.34
2028 Rs 65.09 Rs 32.67
2029 Rs 78.66 Rs 35.89
2030 Rs 84.82 Rs 38.09

Gennex Lab LTD Competitors (Market Cap:  332.62 crores INR)

  • Sun Pharma  Market Cap:  353,410.04 cr INR
  • CIPLA  Market Cap:  119,469.67 cr INR
  • Divis Lab  Market Cap:  113,909.91 cr INR
  • Zydus Life  Market Cap:  107,038.14 cr INR

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Consider before investing in Gennex Laboratories BOM Stock

Gennex Laboratories Limited is a very small-cap company on the stock exchange and is a penny stock. Trading below the Rs 20 per share mark. However, Gennex’s Share Price is expected to move past the penny stock maximum threshold very soon and investors are keeping a close eye on its potential on the stock exchange. Being an extremely small cap healthcare sector company, the Gennex Lab company has an extremely uphill task on its shoulders seeing the competition from the companies at the top. All the biggies of the healthcare sector such as Sun Pharma, CIPLA and Zydus Life have huge business empires in India and Gennex will be needed to grow step by step.

Investors of the Gennex Stock will be looking to earn a big return on investment as the share price of this healthcare stock pushes itself out of the penny stock tag. Over the past 12 months trading period. Gennex share prices have been climbing fast and its stock might attract more investors in quantity, being a penny stock.

Gennex Laboratories Limited financial health has improved year over year in FY2023 and has made good progress after the Covid-19 period. Although Gennex’s EBITDA in FY23 is down by –9.24 %, the company’s revenue and net income are not negative. Gennex’s revenue in FY23 is Rs 656.03M and its net income is Rs 49.21M. An increase of 7.17% & 25.43% YOY, respectively.


The history of the Gennex share price on the Bombay Stock Exchange has been remarkably stable over the course of its two decades of trade. Since 1999, Gennex Stock has been traded as a penny stock on the share market and has been listed on the BOm under the code 531739. While the last year has seen a strong return on investment. Investors may still be excited about the potential that Gennex stock may contain, its early investors may be unhappy with its development trajectory. Given that it has increased by more than 350% since June 2019. The Gennex Share Price Trajectory during the past five years has generally offered investors some lucrative opportunities to earn a return on their investment. From Rs 1 per share at the start of trading to remaining around.

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Gennex Share Price Target


What is the bse Gennex Share Price Target 2024?

The target price range for Gennex shares in 2024 is Rs 25.85 to Rs 12.10.

What is the Gennex Share Price Target 2025?

The target price range for Gennex shares by 2025 is Rs. 35.90 to Rs. 16.04.

What is the Gennex Share Price Target 2026?

The target price range for Gennex shares in 2026 is Rs 47.43 to Rs 25.78.

What is the Gennex Share Price Target 2027?

The target price for Gennex shares in 2027 is between Rs. 56.89 and Rs. 29.34.

What is the Gennex Share Price Target 2028?

The target price range for Gennex shares in 2028 is Rs 65.09 to Rs 32.67.

What is the Gennex Share Price Target 2029?

The range of the Gennex share price target for 2029 is Rs 78.66 to Rs 35.89.

What is the bse Gennex Share Price Target  2030?

It is anticipated that the Gennex Share Price Target 2030 would stay between Rs 84.82 and Rs 38.09.

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